Sunday, January 9, 2011

Can anyone else tell I'm just biding time now...?

I was trawling through facebook last night, when I noticed that a couple of friends of mine had 'liked' this thing called Cubeecraft. I had no idea what it was, but quickly figured it out. And it seems it's nothing new either! I have obviously been living under a rock (or in a pregnancy induced state of self-absorption anyway!).

So basically, what I understand is that its a collation of a whole heap of different artists and illustrators designs for cute little paper creatures/people/cartoons that you can print out on a single A4 piece of paper, cut out and create yourself for free! All you need is a computer and printer, access to the internet, scissors and a bit of glue!

This is the little guy I made last night. I'd say he took about an hour to accurately cut out, fold, glue and assemble - but that is probably just because he was my first try. It is pretty addictive, especially with the HUGE range of different designs available. The cubeecraft website has a big archive of them. The facebook page has some pretty cool fan photos. Some people have made a lot of these critters!
(This is the direct link for the odd little panda if you wanted to have a go at him too)

Anyways, just thought I'd share this little find for you all. I know how easy it is to get stuck on one kind of craft, or even to just feel like you need a break from sewing for a while! And this is something quick, free and satisfying!


  1. I have never seen this. Oh my, what fun. I work at a school. I can already envision getting these adorable things into their hands. They are gonna love them.

  2. Hi...WOW! Looks like A little cubistiq and a VeryModernTeddyBear to me !?
    I kind of Like it!