Tuesday, May 29, 2012


It's my mum's birthday today. She's 50! How crazy is that. I can't imagine having lived for half a century, but she seriously doesn't look a day over 35yrs old! I swear people think we're sisters when we go out! 
(I'm hoping these amazing genes kick in for me soon! lol)

My mum loves this shade of blue. So I decided that it would be as good a birthday as ever to make her a bear in her favourite colour. I don't think I've made her a bear since I still lived at home... a good decade or so ago! (so it was a little over due really!). This gorgeous bear was the result! 

Mark and I hand dyed her fur, which has subtle silver sparkles all through the pile! We hand painted her eyes in a mix of blues and more silver, edged in black for depth. She has a big, classic 'Emma's Bears' nose and this time, I gave her a smile! I was worried she'd end up looking more manic than happy, but I actually feel like she's got a bit of a 'Mona Lisa' thing going on! 

Mum unwrapped her yesterday, so it's safe for me to share the pics! (I'm pretty sure she liked her! It's kind of hard not to be sucked in by that blue! lol)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Imelda Again

So these are the 'next day' photos. The colour didn't improve! lol (and there I was blaming the evening lighting... I think it's just my camera!). But, it does show how lovely she is, so it'll do.

If you're curious, on my computer these images are just showing her fur a shade deeper than it really is. The caramel/cinnamon colouring on the base fur is a lot more prominent in person.

She's such a big, heavy girl that she can stand unassisted too. Mark did an excellent job on the stuffing. She feels like she has substance. Like she's a 'real' thing, not just a teddy. I love how a bit of strategic weight placement can achieve that too.

Oh - and I had to finish with the nappy shot! Just too cute! Imelda is currently available from either bearpile or etsy. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Mark and I got to work on this not-so-little cherub today. We've called her 'Imelda', and she's approx 18" tall (I will admit I haven't actually measured her yet!), VERY heavy and well stuffed with good joints. Just how I like my classic teddies.

She's made in one of my last pieces of hand-dyed mohair from Alison at e-Teddies, but the gorgeous multi-tonal choc hues were throwing off the pink of her dress, and making all my images wrong! lol. (Plus, it was dusk by the time we got her done). So I've '60's styled' her sneak peek image, and plan to get clearer ones in the morning! She will be listed for adoption and will make a stunning addition to a girly, or traditional teddy collection.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Saffron and Oddball

This little stunner was the final bear in my trio of orange kid mohair bears that I started last week. I put it to a vote on my facebook page, and it was decided that she should be called 'Saffron' - which is seriously the most perfect name for her. She has already been adopted too, and arrived today to a happy new mum!

All three bears together before Saffron shipped out. 

 And this oddity is a bit of an experimental bear. I think with Mark on board for the crafting side of things now, I got a little bold, and decided to see how a bear with a button for an eye would look. I wanted him to be aged, but still contemporary. So we played around with the symmetry (note the lack thereof!) and found a use for one of my mismatched glass eyes - and a very odd anchor shaped button!

I will admit I did wonder what monstrosity I had created at first... but he kind of grows on you. Now I can't stop smiling when I look at his strangeness! If he has tickled your fancy, he's just gone live on etsy and bearpile.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

This week's news: bears, bears, bears and a piggy!


Mark and I have been busy this week. These are some of the creations that are currently available from our crafting endeavors! This little purple tipped lady is 'Tulip' - made in one of the softest, sweetest faux fur fabrics around! She can be found in our etsy store. 


Next on the list of creations to emerge was 'Seamus' - 9" of stunning curly kid mohair panda-ness! I just love the contrast between the startling blue of his hand painted eyes and his pendant, and the stark white and vibrant orange of his fur! This boy makes my eyes happy! lol. He too can be found in our etsy store.  


And then this little lady was completed last night (or should I say early this morning! lol). She's crafted in the same baby-proportion pattern as Seamus (with the big head, and stumpy little limbs), and she also has some of the kid mohair for her head - but this time we've paired it with a crazy deep blue tipped orange mohair for her body/limbs. We've called her 'Soleil' as she reminds me of a big, bright sun! She too has just been listed in our etsy store. 

'Hand-painted Glass Eyes'

And we've also been painting up new glass eyes too. I needed some larger sized ones for some of the new designs I'm working on for the Teddies Worldwide Online Bear Show in July - so we did a few extra pairs as well. I personally planned to use the bottom pair in the above pic for my creation - but the blue got lost in the blue mohair of my work-in-progress... so I'll have to try a different colour combo. I LOVE that blue/green/black effect though - so happy with these eyes! 

These pairs are also available for purchase if you're looking for something a little different to use on your next bear. The largest ones (very top photo) are 18mm diameter and $15 a pair. The larger eyes in these two photos are 14mm diameter, and $12 a pair. And the smaller eyes here are 9mm diameter, and $9 a pair. I have these same photos with corresponding codes to make ordering easier on our new bear supplies facebook page too: 'Fur Addiction'.

And this last little fantasy creature is a custom ordered rainbow guinea pig from one of our guinea pig customers/likers. This was the very last of this awesome rainbow fur! I think I'm going to have to see if I can track down some more - I LOVED it, and we made so many awesome bears, and guinea pigs and creatures with it! Why is it so hard to find really unusual, useful faux furs!? 

We will have a new shipment of our own custom chosen faux fur fabrics arriving from the factory in a matter of weeks too. We weren't able to get rainbow pieces - but we do have over 1700m of AWESOME teddy-bear-perfect fabrics to work with, and to offer for sale for other bear makers. All have been painstakingly chosen for the best piles, the best backings and the most incredible colours. Can't wait to show them off - keep an eye on this blog as no doubt this will be one of the first places we announce the arrival! 

Monday, May 7, 2012


This was a quick pic I took of my latest work-in-progress yesterday afternoon. I'd just attached her ears and was feeling very smitten with her little face! A few hours more work today, and this was the final result:

Meet 'Etta', 13" of chunky, soft faux fur goodness! She was actually created as a custom request - but hasn't quite turned out like her mum wanted (which happens sometimes... it is the nature of handmade, one of a kind creations. It's hard to predict just how they will end up!)

Etta looks out through a pair of our handpainted, ooak glass eyes in a gorgeous mix of violet, silver and teal/sapphire blue... one of my favourite pairs actually! So, she is actually up for adoption now if you think she's right for you? Her adoption fee is $180, and this INCLUDES registered airmail post to get her tubby, heavy little self wherever you live!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Aideen - 'little fire'

Mark and I are working as a team now. He left his day job last week so that the two of us can manage the ever expanding monster that is 'Emma's Bears'! I am SO excited to have him on board. The kids are excited. Even the dog is excited! The atmosphere in our house has completely changed. It's as drastic as a season change... which I will admit we're in the middle of at the moment as well (damn those nights are getting COLD now!)...

... and this is our latest combined production  - we've called her 'Aideen', as the name means little fire in Irish, and seemed only too appropriate for a stunning girl with fire-orange mohair!

Aideen looks out through a pair of our hand painted, OOAK glass eyes. I tried MANY different pairs against her startling fur to see which one looked best. And I almost went with a deep blue set... but in the end the gold/violet/sky-blue won me over. It was more subtle, and gave her a kind of wide-eyed, wondrous and innocent expression.  

Mark did a lot of this lady himself. And I must say, that as someone who has been making bears for all of my adult life (and considers herself as some one who has mastered many of the little tricks) - he did a bloody good job unassisted! I worried that I'd spend a lot of the initial time having to train him up - but I don't think this is going to be a problem. Maybe there's some bear-crafting talent that has been hidden away under the surface all these years while I've hogged the limelight!? 

Mark carefully selected her fur, and the appropriate design to show it off. I actually think this works so well too - and couldn't imagine any other bear out of this piece of fur now that Aideen is here. I love this design, with the long elegant neck, slim-line limbs and portly belly! (oh - and that yummy regal nose!)

Aideen is currently available for adoption. She is 18" tall from head to toe, but is very fine-featured, so you can expect to pay a lot less for her than you would for any other 18" bear! Her adoption fee is $180 and INCLUDES worldwide postage - so there are no nasty surprised for international adopters, especially considering she'll be travelling all the way from 'down under'! ;)