Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Mohair Colours!

['Sahara Sunset']

['Porcelain Frost']

We collected our new shipment of mohair on the weekend - a whole rainbow of teddy colours! I spent ages trying to capture the colours correctly (seriously a lot trickier than you'd imagine!), and thinking up exotic names for all the colours!

['Through the Clouds']

['Antique Gold']

['Blonde Bear']

So now you can find funky furs by the name of 'Sahara Sunset', 'Summer Kiss', 'Porcelain Frost', 'Blonde Bear', Barley Straw and 'Through the Clouds' etc in my esty store!

I even have a customised 'Emma's Bears' colour too! I asked if it could be made, they did a sample dye test piece, LOVED IT, and decided they will add it to their colour range as well! So here it is: 'Emma's Grizzly', a stunning rich chestnut/forest brown with a very deep blue tip. A little twist on the standard brown/black tip classic grizzly fur colour-way. (A small amount is currently available in my esty store).

[Emma's Grizzly]

And to top off all of the excitement of the fur arrival, I managed to FINALLY get the second long-pile lambswool bear sewn and turned out. This is a process that would normally take me one day time kids nap for a regular bear (note: all lengths of time are currently measured in 'nap times' for me!), but this one has been weeks in the making! I actually felt like I was doing a workout while trying to sew and turn him out! Hopefully we'll have some finished lambswool bear photos in the not too distant future for you all.

(and yes, that's a 12" ruler next to him... he's going to be BIG!)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Maia, my first Tissavel fur bear

It took a little while to get this big fluff-ball done as the kids have been a little more demanding lately. Nothing I can really put my finger on, but the days have been long, and the crying has been synchronized!

But here she is in all of her Tissavel fur gorgeousness. I am seriously in love with this fur. It honestly is the softest faux fur I've ever worked with - and the backing was incredible. No stretch or fraying, and very strong.

I've called her Maia, and she's currently available on bearpile and etsy.

This is what her fur looked like pre-bear. A stunning zebra pattern. I wasn't sure what this would look like made-up, but it really has come out beautifully. I've got my last piece of this all ready to go for a slightly smaller bear like Maia, but I do have some of this exact same fur in the 'snowleopard' spotted effect for sale in my etsy store...

This is what the snow leopard fur looks like, exact same pile, colouring - just a different print. I can't wait to use this one too. The spots will probably look even better than the stripes.

This fur can be purchased here, starting from cut pieces at 1/8m, going up to full 1m lengths. I hate paying postage when I order items online, so I've capped all postage in my esty store at a maximum of $10. This means you could purchase my ENTIRE STORE full of bear supply items for no more than $10 postage - any where in the world!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kalli, and her awesome fur!

I don't know if you guys have visited my etsy store lately... but it's kind of blown up out of control! lol.

We're currently in the process of sourcing the best, most unusual and highest quality fur fabrics from around to world for our uses, and for supplying to other bear makers and crafters.

At the moment we don't have a great deal of stock (mind you, it certainly looks like we do with wall to floor storage in the craft room!), but the pieces we have are lovely. This is one of the more unusual faux furs that I found in my 'travels', and I've called it 'Berry Mash'. It's also the fur I used to make little Miss 'Kalli' below:

I wasn't sure how well the fur would work out as I don't use faux fur on the bears that often. But this stuff worked amazingly. It has a slight stretch, as most knit-back pieces do, but I didn't line it and you can see that she hasn't distorted at all.

Kalli has already found her new home, but if you'd like to have a play with some of this funky 'Berry Mash' fur, or any of the other pieces we have in stock, you'll find them all HERE!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rhody and Roseclere

Feels like I've been working on these two bears all week! Which I probably have been... lol. Meet 'Roseclere' and 'Rhody'. The last two bears made from the piece of choc tipped white faux fur I scored at the Beary Cheap warehouse last month!

They are a bother-sister duo, and their names both mean rose, to correspond with their antique-gold tone rose pendants.

And despite the fact that I used the exact same patter, the exact same fur, the same paw pads and eye size - the different eye colour and shading details have really given them both their own look.

And it's at this point that I normally give you a link to their adoption listings... but they've actually already been snapped up, and will be on their way to their new home very shortly!