Saturday, September 29, 2012

Plush pigs.

Many of you will have read the many ramblings I've made over the years about my 'other love'

And lately I've been really going a bit crazy with the plushie versions. The top photo shows one of my 'real' pigs standing in the middle of my plush pigs. She looks so confused, poor darling!

A lot of the plushies have already been adopted, but we have just listed a new batch on etsy tonight if you were interested in checking them out? They're kind of just good as a bit of a curiosity really! And I love making them with all the different coat-types guinea pigs come in. 

If you didn't want to purchase a pre-made plushie, we also have kits for them so you can make one yourself, as well as just the pattern if you'd prefer. 

You're only limited by your imagination then!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Byron and Bella

Our latest sweet duo of beary-goodness! Meet Byron and Bella. Again, my lovely likers on our facebook page helped us out with the names for these two. I was quite shocked to discover that I hadn't had a 'Bella' before! I've had just about every other classic girls name from! :P 

Byron is so funky in his blue/ginger mix. I think this colour match up works due to the ginger/tan backing on the blue mohair. 

Byron is currently available as a finished, ooak bear made by Emma's Bears, or you can purchase the bits and bobs to have a go at making one like him. We used our 'Surf's Up' and 'Marmalade' mohair for this guy. So even if you already have a pattern you'd like to use, but just need some pretty mohair - this might be inspiration for your own project (if he is - we would LOVE to see any bears you make in a similar blue/ginger match up!)

And this sweet little lady is 'Bella'. Can you believe that when I first put her work-in-progress pic up on facebook the pole was unanimous that this bear should be a boy. 

I rebelled. And we now have a rather pretty little lady! :P 

Bella is also available as a finished, one of a kind Emma's Bears creation, or as a kit. We used 'Musk' and 'Bermuda' mohair for her colours. And again, I think these two fabrics worked because they both have a dark-choc backing, and are quite soft tones. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Giveaway Custom bears

It's been a crazy week or so, but we finally got the giveaway custom bears finished for their new mums. I had hoped to get them finished a little sooner than the 11th  - but things happen... (kids refusing to go to bed mostly!), and everything gets delayed! lol. I really should learn to set myself a goal finishing date - then add an extra week onto it!!

This was the first winning custom request - a 'Wanda' bear in our Berry Mash faux fur with two different coloured painted glass eyes. I think she has come out wonderfully. Her new mum has called her 'Cronie'.

And this was the second winning custom request - the small bear in 'Surf's Up' mohair. We ended up using the 'Trini' pattern for this little guy, and it's worked really well. We're just waiting for his name to be chosen by his new mumma. Then he'll be on his way to The States! (my bears get to see so much more of the world than me!)

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Some rattie photos for you to enjoy! I had hoped to be able to link you to their adoption pages... but they're both already adopted! We will attempt some more in some more 'rat-like' colours in the next few weeks. If you'd like to order a specific colour, please let us know (

Scamp is probably my pick of the two. I just love those big dumbo ears and the upturned nose. His little arms are jointed, and his feet and tail are wired. Both rats are made from our hand-dyed sparkle mohair contrasting with natural white sparkle mohair.

We've designed them so that they can stand up, begging for food and looking cute. Or they can stand on all fours, as if they're about to scurry away.

After researching all the rat coat markings, I decided that the hooded look was the most iconic. So that's what these guys are. Mind you, it'll probably look more realistic in natural rat colours as opposed to sunsets and cool blues!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A new/old pattern and a rattie work-in-progress

Jonas is a new 'old' bear for us. He's actually made from one of my early patterns (with a few tweaks), but still has that classic, original 'Emma's Bears' look. If you have one of my bears from 2001-2007ish, they'll probably have this kind of a look.

We've actually got this pattern in the works to become a professional PDF that you can download to make your own 'Jonas' bear. This particular one is made from our 'Brick Red' and 'Forest Dweller' matted mohair range. I spent ages trying to decide which two colours from this range to pair up because so many matches looked great.

And while we've been working on the give-away custom bears, we've also been designing a 'rat' as requested by a collector. This was my first time attempting to create a 3-dimensional, pose-able rat. Using a few gorgeous photos from google (and discovering that there is such a thing as a 'Dumbo Rat') - we had a working pattern, and got our little critters to this point! 

I'll pop the rest of the finished rattie photos up tomorrow night. 
(If you're really curious we also have them on our facebook page)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

And the August Give Away winners are...

Our first winner was an entry on our facebook page by 'Leisa Littlerambo McBride' who suggested a 'Wanda' bear (shown above) in Berry Mash fur with two different colour eyes. This is going to be one special, unique little bear! 

 And our second winner was a comment here on the blog by 'GrammyJan', who suggested a little bear in our bright 'Surf's Up' mohair, so she can crochet him an elf hat! lol. Looking forward to seeing him in his hat once he gets to his new home in the States! 

A HUGE thankyou to everyone who played and entered with their custom suggestions! You guys are a creative bunch that's for sure! :D 

(if your name was mentioned as one of the winners here - please email me at so we can work out the details on your special custom bear! :) )