Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I had an idea on saturday. I decided I wanted to make a mohair puppy.

I actually haven't done many puppies in my years of crafting cute fluffy things... strange really. So this was a bit of a new process for me. I had to decide if they should be fully jointed like teddy bears, or if I wanted a more simplified puppy-like look.

I went for more simplified!

I chose a breed (poodle pups looked like they'd make for a promising result), selected some mohair and drew up a prototype. The little guy looking back at you in the top photo was the first pup to emerge.

The simplified standing body and the jointed neck worked really well. We weighted the tips of the feet to help the pup stand well and gave him big, soulful eyes and tiny hand sculpted puppy-noses (they're smaller then my finger nails!).

I caught the bug then though, and decided I NEEDED to make more...

... FIVE more pups later and we have a whole family going on. I had originally planned that they'd all be poodle pups - just different colours - but they took on a life of their own and they all came out looking like different breeds.


Here we have 'Pascale' the Yorkie pup. A tricky bit of black and gold mohair placement and a touch of shading completed her look. 


And this is 'Peanut', the original apricot poodle pup. 


This is 'Pepito'. The mohair is the right colour for a yellow labrador, but he's a little fine featured. I can't quite put my finger on what breed this little guys reminds me of... maybe a lab x terrier?


This little girl ended up looking a bit more cocker spaniel to my eyes with her long, droopy ears and her silky chocolate curls!


And 'Pounce' became our mixed-breed mongrel pup! He was originally going to be a 'silver poodle', but thats not what he wanted to be. He reminds me of a little Australian Silkie Terrier x dog we had when I was younger actually... with those high-set ears and that sweet (but naughty) little face.


And lastly we have 'Powder'. She too was just going to be a cream poodle pup - and she could still be. But I see her more as a maltese pup now. Or even a pomeranian or a shih tzu?

I think the important thing is for the puppy's new owners to feel a connection to them - they will inevitably remind different people of their own pets (both present and past), and I think they can be whatever breed you see them as!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pinky-tone rainbow bears this time

I was asked to do some rainbow mohair dyeing as a custom job recently, and as always I painted up way too many pieces of mohair. So what didn't sell as part of the order I decided to use for some rainbow bears. The order request was for rainbow fur but in a more pink-based tone like my earlier dye-techniques, rather then the red/orange based rainbow mix I had been using lately. And I must say... I do like the pink!

It feels like it has been a little while now since I've made some of my distinctive rainbow creations... at least from mohair anyways (we do have a lot of rainbow faux fur in stock at present! lol).

This chunky little lady is 'Violetta'. When I started writing this blog post she was actually still available for adoption, but just in the last few minutes someone has snapped her up!

This is the mohair Violetta was cut from. I LOVE doing the crazy patterns and then cutting a bear from it. Due to the shapes and sizes of bear-pattern-pieces you usually don't even recognise that there was any kind of pattern to the original fur fabric!

The shape of Violetta may look familiar too - we cut her out using our chunky and very versatile 'Delight' pattern. 


Then there was THIS piece of mohair. 

This is actually a piece of our long-pile white 'Eddie' mohair rainbow dyed as well. This was a spare of the moment decision just to use up the last of the dye in the pots (I do hate to waste things!). I quite literally just wet the fabric, squeezed out the excess water, lay it on a black towel and blobbed the dye on in wiggly lines. 

Usually I'd be very careful to evenly place the colours and to blend it well and to make sure both the pile and the backing had good coverage. But this time it was just fast and furious - and I LOVED the result! 

A few hours of sun-time meant the colours were set really well, and even after a spin in the washing machine to remove excess dye, the colour was still nice and vibrant. (I may be going on and on a bit about colour here - but trust me, it isn't as easy as it looks to get colour like this on long pile mohair!!! lol) 

This is little Opal. She has already found her new home as well.

And then this little bear below is 'Prism'. She is actually the last of the trio to still be available for adoption. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Ava and her purple eyes

This is 'Ava'. Our very latest, and very girly artist bear! She is the proud owner of these stunning purple handpainted glass eyes of ours, that we then surrounded with hand sculpted polymer clay lids.

Ava was created to fit into this gorgeous little pink striped cardigan that I had picked up in my travels. I decided to use my new 'JUMBO' pattern reduced down by 75% to give me a bear that would be 22" rather then the original 33" (it also meant we only needed a 1/2m piece of fur to create her, rather then a full 1m piece!).

Ava is cut from a new limited edition faux fur curently listed in our Fur Addiction store. It will be the last limited edition fur we'll release this year as we have a massive home and business move coming up next month! (we finally sold our old house and will be moving to a larger property a bit further away from the city. I'll take some photos once the move has happened and we're all settled).

Ava is currently available for adoption. All her details can be found in her etsy listing.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


LeRoy says hi.

He'd love to stay and chat but he actually has a plane to catch and a new mum to meet.

Which doesn't surprise me. He is a little bit of yummi-ness :)

We do have some of his stunning fur available for sale in our store though. And he was made using our ' 10" Osias' pattern... so you could have a go at making one just like him yourself?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Faux Fur bedspreads

So we decided to try something new - and put our fur to use as faux fur bedspreads this week! How good do they look like this!!!

Each blanket will be hand made to order - and you can completely customize your fabric and size over at our website.

If there are any colours we haven't shown that you'd specifically like, just let us know :)