Monday, September 22, 2014

Ava and her purple eyes

This is 'Ava'. Our very latest, and very girly artist bear! She is the proud owner of these stunning purple handpainted glass eyes of ours, that we then surrounded with hand sculpted polymer clay lids.

Ava was created to fit into this gorgeous little pink striped cardigan that I had picked up in my travels. I decided to use my new 'JUMBO' pattern reduced down by 75% to give me a bear that would be 22" rather then the original 33" (it also meant we only needed a 1/2m piece of fur to create her, rather then a full 1m piece!).

Ava is cut from a new limited edition faux fur curently listed in our Fur Addiction store. It will be the last limited edition fur we'll release this year as we have a massive home and business move coming up next month! (we finally sold our old house and will be moving to a larger property a bit further away from the city. I'll take some photos once the move has happened and we're all settled).

Ava is currently available for adoption. All her details can be found in her etsy listing.

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