Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Asher - progress in photos

This is a new little guy. Big white face, big sparkly eyes. Looking a bit odd at this stage though...

... but add a nose and we're starting to see more of his character emerge.

And then, once the ears are on it's very clear who this bear is. Such a sweet, cheeky little thing!

This is Asher. He is made from a mix of mohair and a delightfully soft, mottled faux fur. I had no idea this would be the bear looking back at me when I sat down to cut his pattern out. I had pictured him looking a lot more traditional, but as is the way with creative projects - sometimes they have a life-force of their own!

Asher is a one of a kind artist bear. We don't have this fur for sale. We don't have his pattern for sale. There are no kits. It is just him! If you'd like to take Asher home feel free to check out his listing in our etsy store.

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