Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Rumi - one chubby panda

This sweet big boy is 'Rumi'. We have made him using an 80% reduction of our 'Fat Panda' pattern (reducing the size of the finished bear from the usual 22" to 18"), and a piece each of our 'Shaggy Yak' and 'Papyrus' long pile faux fur fabrics.

His gorgeous big nose took FOREVER to finish - but it really completes his face nicely. He was available for adoption on our website - but is now sold.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Trinity and Tempest

Trinity and Tempest are the latest duo to emerge from the Emma's Bears studio. These two have been made using our very versatile 16" Lyric design and some EXTREMELY long pile mohair - 70mm long in fact!

The result is a very fluffy look with an ever-so-slightly-grumpy expression! Both girls were going to come with us to the Brisbane Winter Wonderland Doll and Bear show in a few weeks, but we discovered we won't have room on the table for them. So they're now available for general adoption worldwide :)

Friday, May 12, 2017

Double Thick Schulte rainbow mohair - and our gorgeous Yonder bear

We have been busy as bees over at the Fur Addiction website, dyeing up over 100 piece of rainbow mohair, viscose and alpaca these last few weeks. We thought we were done, and then another mohair order arrived - with a stunning new fur to dye. So we whipped out the dye pots again and got to work.

This is the gorgeous new mohair below - a double-thick Schulte 12-13mm pile mohair. It has an awesome textured/spiked look to it, and makes a pretty cool bear too, if I do say so myself.

This bear will be available at the Brisbane Winter Wonderland doll and bear show in 3 weeks time, but right now we have a limited number of kits available for him, plus a tonne of rainbow mohair for you to choose from as well!

(Get clicking quickly though, as the rainbow mohair is flying out the door fast, and the next batch wont happen for at least another 2-3months!)

Monday, May 1, 2017

Starburst and Rue - rainbow mohair bears

These two sweethearts are our newest creations. They were made as custom orders so that the commissioning collector could choose her favourite. She chose the one with the white face and crown, and named her 'Starburst'. So that means the slightly smaller friend with the colourful face is now available for adoption.

We have called her 'Rue', and you'll find her on our website. She is one of a kind, so you'll need to be quick :)

These two are made from our own unique hand-dyed rainbow mohair. We have our next rainbow dyeing batch happening THIS WEEK - so keep an eye on the website for the new fur as we list it!