Friday, April 29, 2016

Feminine hand-dyed mohair and viscose

We had an impromptu play with the dye pots yesterday, and whipped up a few new super pretty, feminine colours for our gorgeous curly viscose, and a one of a kind tipped mohair as well.

All of the current available hand-dyed mohair, viscose and alpaca can be found on our website.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Toddler Huxley Harrison

This gorgeous big boy is our newest bear from our older-style Toddler range. He measures 21" (53cm) from ear to toe and weighs approx 4lbs 3oz. Toddler Huxley Harrison is made from two mohair fabrics - one is a medium-pile butter-blonde distressed mohair, while the other is a slightly longer cream/slate tipped straight pile mohair.

Huxley has a big hand embroidered nose in a matching dark slate grey and some subtle grey shading. He looks out through large black glass eyes and we've hand pulled/sculpted his feet. He's fully T-pin jointed and heavily stuffed with polyfill and glass shot (he does have some weighting in his head, but has a firm neck joint so he is perfectly fine to sit upright unassisted).

Huxley wears a brand new size 0-3mths pair of 'Pumpkin Patch' overalls (still with tags) and a sweet Winnie the Pooh Huggies nappy. He is a one of a kind artist bear.

Toddler Huxley Harrison is currently available for adoption. His adoption fee is AUD$450 plus postage (which will be approx AUD$25 within Australia and approx $70 overseas, depending on location). We will be doing a random draw to choose  Huxley's new mum tomorrow (Thursday the 28th April 2016) at 8pm local Brisbane time. If you would like to adopt him, and would like to be part of the draw please let us know :)

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Princess Carotine and the purple carrot dye!

I was prepping some purple carrots for dinner earlier in the week, and noticed just how much pigment was staining my fingers (and what a pretty shade of purple it was), when I decided to see what would happen if we tried to dye some mohair using the carrot-water.
We have, in the past, dyed mohair using a number of natural colour sources like onion skins (which give a lovely caramel brown), beetroot (surprisingly a peachy/salmon colour), rhubarb (a pretty pale pink) and I even tried blueberries once (which didn't work and just made a hell of a mess!).
I honestly wasn't expecting this to work, and figured the colour would rinse out. But not only did the colour stay, but we actually got a gorgeous dusky-purple result! We thought you guys might be interested to see the process

Above: mohair still wet, straight after being rinsed. Below: 12hrs later after the fur had dried.

And this little sweetheart is the resulting bear! We mixed the long and short pile pieces dyed using the same purple carrot pigment to make a quirky girl bear with an oversized princess crown and pearl belly button. We called her 'Princess Carotine', and she has been adopted.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hunter and Pixie Dust

We completed yet another two custom bears this week. The big fellow above and directly below is 'Hunter'. He has been made using our 16" Lyric design with some of our very bright hand-dyed mohair and alpaca. He is a one of a kind artist bear and is adopted.

This second little lady was another custom order requested in our hand-dyed alpaca fur - this time using our 10" Osias pattern, with BIG handmade butterfly wings! She too is now adopted.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Sophie Ellen and Pansy - pink and cream panda girls

How Sweet are these gorgeous girls!? These two were made recently as 'for general adoption' bears to give our collectors as chance to adopt one of our bears without the current 10 month wait list that we have on custom orders. 

However, we had so many expressions of interest in them that we ended up having to do a random draw to make it fair. (we have a video of the draw over on our facebook page if you're curious. Our 6yr old Chelsea pulled out the winning names).

These two bears are one of a kind pieces - so we cannot replicate them again - but if you like the style feel free to contact us for a quote on a custom bear.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Flora and Summer

This sweet baby girl is 'Flora' - another completed custom bear. She is made in our hand-dyed alpaca and hand-dyed mohair. The colours the collector chose for this little bear are so pretty and feminine.

This photo shows little 12" Flora next to our 13" Matoskah to show the size difference 1" can make.

And then for an even smaller custom bear we have little 'Summer'. She has been made in our gorgeous pink curly kid mohair 'Sweetheart'.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Sweet Matoskah is another recently completed custom bear - made using a blend of our hand-dyed long pile alpaca and some long pile mohair too. Oh - and some handpainted glass eyes in the same lilac/blue tones. She's really quite a pretty, (and slightly grumpy looking) little lady!

She is adopted :)