Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Monday, February 19, 2018

Dreamcatcher, Adora and Valentine Sparkle - custom orders

We've had a few custom orders to work on this week - including these gorgeous three bears all made in various faux fur fabrics.

This fur is a line we carried about a year ago, but that we have since sold out of.

This gorgeous pink fur is something we do still have in stock though - it's called 'Perky Pink'. We paired it with out 'Magnolia' white faux fur for contrast, and used our 'Frido' design reduced down to 65% to give us this tiny petite little lady.

Even her stunning pendant can be found in our store.

And this gorgeous girl 'Valentine Sparkle' (because she was born on Valentines Day), is also made in our Perky Pink faux fur, paired with some of our 'Amethyst Sparkle' faux fur. She is a nod to a much smaller bear we made about 5yrs ago in the similar colouring.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

20 Years of Emma's Bears

20 years ago I picked up a bear making book, traced out a pattern and fumbled my way through making my very first teddy. I was soon making bears for everyone I knew and drawing out my own awkward designs! I remember scouring every store I walked into for any kind of fabric that I could turn into teddies (and got quite creative in some situations as good fur was hard to find). 

Bear making quickly became my obsession, but I still had no idea I'd still be doing this 20 years later - let alone doing it as my career! 

To celebrate the milestone, and to give our collectors something extra special, we've made a commemorative collection of 20 gorgeous bears with sterling silver '20 Year Emma's Bears' pendants! All 20 bears are currently available for general adoption on our website