Friday, July 31, 2015

Rainbow dyed mohair, alpaca and viscose.

This week I have been very busy making a lot of mess and dyeing up some STUNNING new pieces of rainbow mohair, alpaca and viscose. I won't go into individual details here to save time - but you can see all of the available pieces on our hand dyed store section.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Markets and shows

We have a rather full couple of weeks ahead of us here at Emma's Bears and Fur Addiction
This Sunday (2nd August), we will be trading at the Morayfield Handmade Expo from 9-2pm. This is a great market if you're interested in lots of variety. And it's all indoors so it's quite comfortable to take your time to walk around.

Then, on the 21st August, we will be taking part in the eBear online bear show. The theme is 'Weird and Wonderful'... so I'm quite excited to whip something a little different up! Only 3 weeks till then though, so I better hurry up.

And then the next day, Saturday the 22nd August, we will also be trading at the Wynnum Doll and Bear show at the Leisure Centre on Tingal road. We have done this show before a few years ago, and it really was quite a good one. Lots of variety in the stalls and some bargains to be had as well :)

If you're in the area and free on any of those dates, we would love to see you there :)

Monday, July 27, 2015


This is one of our latest custom bears named 'Mitzi'. She's a chunky big bear made from our now sold out 'Cherry Bomb' faux fur and our nearly sold out 'Ace of Spades' faux fur!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Rainbow Baby

We were recently asked to create a rainbow bear in remembrance of a beautiful little baby who had passed away.

I am sure it is not an easy thing for parents of a lost child to seek out something like this, so I am always blown away by their courage in even starting the process for a special custom bear. I could not imagine how I would be feeling in their situation, but I can see how a physical, tangible 'thing' that can be held and cuddled, could possibly bring a tiny glimmer of comfort. And I am honored beyond words to be entrusted to create this special bear.

For this special little teddy, we used our regular reborn style baby-bear design and a piece of our bright hand-dyed rainbow mohair in a short, velvety pile. We sourced a pair of newborn-sized white feather angel wings from the other side of the world and tried to keep the bear's expression as serene as possible. (Long-term followers of our work will know that our bears do have a tendency to look grumpy, which I didn't feel was appropriate here. So I am grateful that this sweet bear cooperated with me!)

We attached some ivory lace elastic so that the wings can be removed. But they really do look so pretty against the bright rainbow colours of the mohair. This stunning teddy is a very special, and hopefully meaningful, piece of soft sculpture art.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Baby Dragon

I had been meaning to make a new baby dragon soft sculpture piece for quite some time now - but just never had the time.

So I made time. And little Kindralth, Keeper of Spring was the result. He is currently available for adoption. 

Monday, July 20, 2015


I lost my bear-making enthusiasm a bit last fortnight. I started a heap of great ideas for different projects, but couldn't get them past the pattern drawing stage before I'd get distracted by something else.

So I stopped, had a rummage around my sewing room and found a bear-bits bag crammed full of body parts waiting to be sewn. I recognized our stunning dark brown kid mohair from our 2013 import (that is now sold out), and was surprised to find that I had drawn up, cut out and pinned together the parts for two of our baby-style bears in that mohair. I honestly can't remember when I did that, so I would say it was probably back in 2013!

With a new burst of energy I decided that these two would be the next project. It was slow going as we had a massive birthday/house warming get-together over the weekend that kept us busy, but we still managed to get these guys finished and ready for their debut last night.

We asked our instagram followers and our facebook likers whether the bears should be both boys, both girls or one of each. After much deliberation we went with the pigeon pair.

Meet 'Baby Hamilton' and 'Baby Hazel'!

Name: Hamilton Luke
Born: 19/07/15 
Time: 5:10pm
Weight: 4lb 10oz

Name: Hazel London
Born: 19/07/15 
Time: 5:23pm
Weight: 4lb