Thursday, July 24, 2014


Today I've been working on this little lady. I cut her from our last piece of 'Vanilla' Yeti' faux fur (I can't believe we've sold over 100m of this fabric in the last 2 years!!! We will be ordering in some more, but it won't arrive until the end of the year sadly).

I had specific things in mind for this girl. Like pulled and shaded toes. And that I would dress her in a gorgeous summery jumpsuit with matching floral headband. And thankfully it all pulled together wonderfully.

Her name is Stella. And she is available for adoption :) 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Pip, Smudge and Forrest - playing with Viscose

We received some viscose in our last new fabric shipment, so I decided to have a play with dyeing it. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it dyes just as well as (purhaps even better then) mohair. And I was able to achieve some really pretty mottled/batik effects with my colours.

I chose one particular piece in my favourite shades of olive/mossy green and cut three bears using various reductions of our 'Booth' pattern. (The original pattern makes up to 11" tall, and then we reduced it to give us a 9" bear and a 5.5" bear).

I'm really happy with the end result actually. I adore the feel of the viscose - it's silky to the touch. But with a woven backing it was easy to use. The 5.5" one was a little tricky to turn right-side out, so I reinforced the seams to avoid fraying. But all in all, we ended up with three pretty cute little bears.

All three are currently available in our etsy store. And if you'd like to find the hand-dyed viscose in the other shades we have in stock, just pop on over to I think there's even a little bit of this green/tan 'Camo' colour batch left if you really love it too.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Fabrics! (and bears)

Ooh So much to tell you!

We have new Limited Edition faux fur fabrics in our Fur Addiction store...

... this one is 'Bush Fire' and it is one I have used a few years ago to make the bear above called 'Bumble' (he is adopted). It is SUPER dense and very very soft and as vivid as it appears in the photos. We have a few pieces left if you'd like to have a play with it.

We also have this STUNNING rainbow tipped white faux fur fresh in the door as well. I've been itching to get my hands on this one. It was expensive, but it is seriously worth it. We have limited pieces of this one available in our store as well.

These are some bears we made in the new rainbow faux fur. The bigger one 'Aneko' is a VERY chunky 22" tall and mixed in panda style with out long pile 'Ace of Spades' black faux fur. It gives the rainbow fur a totally different look to the little 16" bear ('Kai') who is just cut from rainbow.

(The close up photo below is the best 'true-colour' example out of all of the panda photos)

We decided to try something a bit different with Kai and offer her in a facebook auction. Similar to an ebay auction in that it has an end time (3pm tomorrow, Thursday the 17th July - local Brisbane time), and the bids started from $10. We will cover postage anywhere in the world, and have just asked people to bid what they would be happy to pay for her. At the time of writing she is up to about $60 - so a GREAT bargain if you're looking to add a one of a kind beautiful little rainbow artist bear to your collection!

Saturday, July 12, 2014


After spending so much time over the last few weeks working on our new patterns for the 'Lost Toy's collection (see last post), I was itching to get back to my roots and make a bear from my original style. So I rummaged through my patterns box and found this one I had drawn up over a decade ago for a big 20" bear. I also found a large piece of blonde distressed mohair that I had been hoarding for the right bear. 

(just quietly, I LOVE him!) 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Lost Toys

THIS is what we've been busy with for the last few weeks. The 'Lost Toys' collection. This the the revised and improved version of the design I was working on last post - with the addition of a fox, a panda and a mouse to the original bear and doggy.

We used our earthy range of short matted antique-style German mohair to create these guys, using every one of the six colours to give a gorgeous depth and variety to the full collection.

We will be releasing the pattern for this collection later this month as well. The basic shape is the same for all five critters with only differences to the placement of colour and the shape of ears and tails giving them their individual characters.

We've done this collection as an OPEN EDITION as well. This means that anyone can order any of the critters and we will make them up for you (please allow approx 2-3weeks for completion of the critters though as we process through previous custom orders).

We will only make the collection for as long as we have stock of these fabrics. This might mean we only make 2-3 of each critter, or we might end up making 10 of each!? We don't really know. It's kind of exciting for me though to see how many I do end up creating in each version. You can rest assurred that after about 10 I will no doubt be 'over' it, and decide enough is enough! (so there will never be thousands of these critters throughout the world!)

To view the complete collection, head on over to our Fur Addiction supplies store where they have their own listing.

Friday, July 4, 2014

bears and doggies

I decided last weekend that I wanted a challenge, and a new look for my next design. I didn't get a lot of time to nut out a new pattern, but quickly drew up some shapes late one evening while the kids ran around and got more and more hungry. Probably shouldn't design right on dinner time... lol

So it was a little rushed, and a little crazy - but I decided to go with it. And these two critters were the result. They weren't quite perfect, but pretty damn close! I loved the shape of the head and the tiny little feet. And the concept of a pattern that was versatile enough to be turned into a variety of creatures... I had another go. But, you'll have to wait for the next installment, and the revised design ;)
(or you could cheat and sneak over to our facebook page where we have kind of 'let the cat out of the bag' so to speak! lol).

'Bear' has already found a home, but 'Doggie' is still available if you'd like him? These two were extra special as this specific design with the chunky tummies won't be repeated again.