Monday, March 31, 2014

Meet Zander Michael

For the last 9 months I have been 'cooking' a special little bub for another family. On Wednesday he was born, and he's just perfect. I've written a more detailed birth story over at the surrogacy blog if you're interested too. But the main stats are that he was born at 2:40pm on Wednesday the 26th March 2014, weighing 9lb, 9oz and 57cm long! His parents have named him Zander Michael.

There were some complications following his arrival, and his placenta would not detatch so I ended up being rushed to theatre (which is why I look like this in the above photo! I had just been wheeled back to the ward here!). But I'm home and back with my kids, and Zander is home with his family.

 I will be taking a few weeks out to recover, but Mark is still working on the mail orders from and there are still a number of ready-made bears available for adoption over at our Emma's Bears etsy store. We won't be taking custom orders for a bit longer yet though.

We wanted to thank everyone who's contacted us with words of support too, it means so much.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bear Collectors SUPER SALE event starting TODAY!

This is a little teaser/preview of our upcoming bear-collectors SUPER SALE event over at our Emma's Bears Facebook page

We have selected 21 of our Emma's Bears handmade, OOAK and limited Edition bears, bunnies and elephants, and will be listing ONE per day at HALF PRICE! 

The discounted price will only be available for 24hrs per bear, and it will be purely on a first-in, first choice basis (no laybys/lay-aways sorry). 

The first bear will be listed on our FB page later today - a gorgeous large (19") mohair panda bear! 

The sale will run from the 15th March until the 6th April 2014 with a different critter listed each day! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New Release Rabbit Pattern

We are so excited to announce that we have a brand new Emma's Bears pattern to release! This cutie is our 'Real Rabbit' pattern, designed to be the approximate size of a pet bunny sitting on all fours. The pattern was designed for use with quality faux fur fabrics, but we have made it up in mohair and it works just as well.

You can instantly download the Rabbit pattern from our etsy store. This particular bunny 'Walter' was made using our 'Aurora Borealis' luxury faux fur with a very pretty cornflower blue base colour and a tipped effect in all shades of the rainbow! (Walter has been adopted)

This little lady is 'Lilah' - she is also made using our 'Real Rabbit' pattern, but this time using our 'Fluffy Cloud' white faux fur for the inner ears and our 'Husky Pup' luxury faux fur. I really loved the more natural/realistic look of these fabrics too.