Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Custom Panda - Zara

A while ago now (like back in November!) we received a request for a custom panda bear. Life got crazy - we moved house and the collector had some bills pop up - so the custom order got put on hold. But this fortnight we got the green light to go ahead with the panda - and this stunning big girl was the result!

Meet 'Zara' - 17" of heavily weighted, fully jointed faux fur goodness!!! We used our 'Happy' pattern and enlarged it by 115% (very easy to do if you already have this download on your computer - just change the percentage settings in the printer options). We altered the face slightly by adding the panda- eye patches, and gave her some pulled fingers and toes to finish the look.

Zara is adopted - but we can certainly work with you to create your own custom bear if you like this look.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Yet MORE plushies!

Yeah... I'm a little obsessed. I'll admit it. 

We have MORE guinea pig plushies to share. It feels like this is all I've been doing lately! 

The fellow below is 'Shelton', and he is currently available for adoption. 

These two are a mum and bub pair, and are also available for adoption. (Made from our 'Sasquatch' and 'Fluffy Cloud' faux fur fabrics. The pattern for this guys has been sent to our graphic designer - so as soon as we get it back we'll be able to offer kits too).

And this little cutie below was a custom guinea pig request. Made from our 'Baby Owl' faux fur.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Custom Cavy Plushies

The two cute little pigs in the photos above are Abby and Spikey, and belong to a couple from Singapore. We were asked to make some plushie look-alikes this week, and this is what we came up with...

... not perfectly realistic (they are just mohair and stuffing afterall!), but there's enough of a likeness there to recognise who is who I think!

Little Abby even has the tufted-out look to his fur around his face and along his body.

And Spikey has the wispy bit of fringe that flops over his eyes. One side he has his larger cream eye patch, and the other side just a hint of cream.

I tried to get one of our pigs to sit in on the photo to show the size comparison too. This is our 'Abby' sitting next to the two plushies (she was a little confused by them I think! lol).

These plushies are obviously claimed, but if you would like your own replica guinea pig soft sculpture made, feel free to contact us ( or check out the ready-made plushies in our store.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Guinea pig soft sculpture

These are our latest plushie Guinea Pigs - made using our more realistic sized/shaped guinea pig pattern. We haven't released this pattern before, but plan to later this month. It will include both the adult sized and baby sized pieces with their own proportions.

For now - we just have our new batch of freshly finished guinea pigs - 4 adults and 4 bubs. You can find them in our esty store.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


This is Franklin - our latest little guy. He is made from a mix of tipped mohair and blonde mohair in a panda-style arrangement. He has a pair of our painted glass eyes and a choc-brown coloured nose.

He is currently available for adoption

(I've been struggling a little with trying to find a good place to photograph the bears - this boy didn't look quite right in front of the turquoise wall - so I tried a photo with our new shed as the backdrop. And I actually quite like the look with his colouring!

This new shed will soon be FULL of fabric rolls! I'll have to get a photo when it's stocked)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Christmas show 2014

The show has started!!!

Head on over and look for our big bear 'Old Man Christmas to be taken through to the Emma's Bears show page where you'll find all of our Christmas bears. 

We also have five 'gift' bears under $70 that were a new technique for us - hand sculpted polymer clay, fully jointed onto a furry belly. Perfect for hanging on the Christmas tree during the festive season, then sitting on the bear shelf for the rest of the year. 

Because we could only use 2 photos for each of the bears on the show page, we've added a few more here as well. Thanks again for all your support guys! 





'Frozen' - 13" (ADOPTED)



'Holly Twizzle' - 18" (ADOPTED)


The Christmas Tree Pandas - 5"