Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Baby Oliver William

This sweet (slightly grumpy and overtired) little baby boy is Oliver William. He is the latest, and currently the only available reborn-style baby bear we have for adoption.

He is made in a piece of our imported German mohair called 'Dove Brown' - because it is a tricky shade to describe: not quite chocolate, not quite silver. I actually had him cut out and ready to go as an example bear for this line of mohair... but it took me too long to make him and we've actually now sold out of it! lol

(We do still have this same pile of mohair available in a funky Marmalade orange though)

Born: 17/10/14
Time: 5:06pm 
Weight: 4 lb 8oz
Length: 17" 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Turquoise Squirrel

After falling in love with my first ever squirrel soft sculpture, I decided I did indeed need to make another one. While I was on a roll!

So this little lady came about. She's pretty self explanatory - stunning hand-dyed turquoise mohair in two shades mixed with a rainbow faux fur tail and a lilac bow... perfection really.

I am honestly surprised she's still sitting on my shelf. She is available for adoption in our store at the moment... but only because we are moving soon and I really can't afford to be sentimental!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

designing a squirrel

I got asked to create a soft sculpture squirrel as a special custom request this month. I finally had some time to get to work on the pattern over the weekend, so sat down and drew out this sketch as a starting point. This is the way I create all my new patterns - I start with a concept drawing, then I take the shapes I'll need for each component from the drawing, altering where I need to as I go.

This is the little guy in pieces, with his eyelids freshly sculpted.The trickiest part of this whole project was selecting fabrics that would work and look 'squirrel-ish' enough. I got lucky with this dense gold mohair, and the matching dense white that one of our limited edition long pile faux fur fabrics was a good match!

And this was the end result. Not too bad for a protoype if I do say so myself (in fact she's actually better then I expected! bonus!). Her new mum has called her 'Poppy' and decided to go with the red bow by her ear as her accessory.

I would really like to make another squirrel to make use of my newly crafted pattern again... but it will depend on whether or not I can find some more suitable fabrics to make a second one different as little Poppy is being sold as a one of a kind.

Maybe I could try a colourful squirrel... turquoise anyone!?

Friday, October 10, 2014


I've been reading a book I found in my drawer a few weeks ago called 'The Empress of Mijak'. I'm not too sure how I came to own this book (I have a fairly extensive collection of random/half-read books around my bedside table), but I am loving the story. 

Anywho... because I am totally immersed in the visuals of this novel, I couldn't help myself but create an empress-inspired bear. 

18" tall, very heavy, fully jointed, glass eyes and a free-hand embroidered 'bear' shaped nose. 

And, fittingly cut from a large piece of our 'Queen of Hearts' mohair using our 'Alivia' pattern (with a 1/2m piece of this mohair and a copy of the pattern, you too could have a go at creating this bear yourself in your own Empress style!).  

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Trio of Choc-Beary goodness

These three teds are the result of this weeks work in the studio. 

We have two little 13" bendy bears with satin ruffle colars, and one chunky big girly bear. All made in a mix of luxury and kid mohair fur fabrics from my odds and bobs stash. 

This little guy is 'Aimon'. We used a little of our dark chocolate kid mohair (now sold out in our store!), and a little of our 'Golden' kid mohair (there is only ONE piece left!), and a little bit of a wispy blonde mohair to create this funky guy.

He is currently available in our etsy store.


We also have 'Ambroise'. Made in a mix of a long straight pile choc/chestnut mohair combined with a blonde/chestnut tipped mohair for his belly and ears. I love how innocent this little guy came out looking!

Ambroise is also available in our etsy store.


And then there was 'Iara'.

I AM IN LOVE with this girl. If this wasn't the job that paid our bills, I'd be holding onto her and not letting go!

But we do have her up for adoption, and she is going to make one lucky collector very happy I think!

Sunday, October 5, 2014


This is little Callie. I've created her using the head design from one of our 20" tall patterns and the body from one of our 12" patterns. The result is this sweet, babyish, cartoony panda.

I love it! I haven't made one like this in quite some time.

Callie is currently available in our esty store. 

(She was made using our gold kid mohair 'Golden', our long pile white mohair 'Eddie' and our dense white mohair 'Noah')

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I had an idea on saturday. I decided I wanted to make a mohair puppy.

I actually haven't done many puppies in my years of crafting cute fluffy things... strange really. So this was a bit of a new process for me. I had to decide if they should be fully jointed like teddy bears, or if I wanted a more simplified puppy-like look.

I went for more simplified!

I chose a breed (poodle pups looked like they'd make for a promising result), selected some mohair and drew up a prototype. The little guy looking back at you in the top photo was the first pup to emerge.

The simplified standing body and the jointed neck worked really well. We weighted the tips of the feet to help the pup stand well and gave him big, soulful eyes and tiny hand sculpted puppy-noses (they're smaller then my finger nails!).

I caught the bug then though, and decided I NEEDED to make more...

... FIVE more pups later and we have a whole family going on. I had originally planned that they'd all be poodle pups - just different colours - but they took on a life of their own and they all came out looking like different breeds.


Here we have 'Pascale' the Yorkie pup. A tricky bit of black and gold mohair placement and a touch of shading completed her look. 


And this is 'Peanut', the original apricot poodle pup. 


This is 'Pepito'. The mohair is the right colour for a yellow labrador, but he's a little fine featured. I can't quite put my finger on what breed this little guys reminds me of... maybe a lab x terrier?


This little girl ended up looking a bit more cocker spaniel to my eyes with her long, droopy ears and her silky chocolate curls!


And 'Pounce' became our mixed-breed mongrel pup! He was originally going to be a 'silver poodle', but thats not what he wanted to be. He reminds me of a little Australian Silkie Terrier x dog we had when I was younger actually... with those high-set ears and that sweet (but naughty) little face.


And lastly we have 'Powder'. She too was just going to be a cream poodle pup - and she could still be. But I see her more as a maltese pup now. Or even a pomeranian or a shih tzu?

I think the important thing is for the puppy's new owners to feel a connection to them - they will inevitably remind different people of their own pets (both present and past), and I think they can be whatever breed you see them as!