Thursday, July 28, 2016

Baby Billy, a holiday to Sydney and the MASSIVE new shipment of faux fur

Last week we had our first family holiday that involved flying with the kids! We decided to celebrate the many July birthday's in our household by spending a few nights in Sydney and doing the touristy thing. The kids were great little travelers and we did as many activities as we could fit into our days while we were there.

Then we got back and it was straight into custom orders again! This little premmie-sized baby bear is 'Billy', and he was made for one of our Canadian collectors. He's made using the same idea as our full size baby bears (with the heavy head, weighted limbs, baby outfit, nappy, rattle etc) - only more petite! 

And then - the day after we got home, our newest, MASSIVE new shipment of faux fur arrived! All of the new pieces have now been added to the website if you're interested in any (there's just over 20 new pieces, I haven't included all the photos here, just the most outrageous!)

Sunday, July 17, 2016


This sweet darling is one of our latest custom orders. She has been made using our Lyric design and our Polar Curls kid mohair (with part of her left the natural ivory white and the rest of her dyed the palest silver-grey). Her new mum called her Sapphire, and chose the accessories you see for her - big white feather wings, a matching lace headband and the gorgeous galaxy pendant.

Sapphire is adopted.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Nirvana and Naiya

This week, while we've been surviving the second week of school holidays and waiting for some custom-dyed mohair for upcoming commissioned bears to dry, we decided to finish off these BIG rainbow bears. 

They have been sitting there for a while now, waiting for their opportunity to be jointed, stuffed and finished. I had originally planned to have them finished in time for the next eBear online bear show (which is due to open in around a month), but was too excited and wanted to show them off NOW! lol 

The larger bear (23") is Naiya, and the smaller bear (21") is Nirvana. Both have now been adopted sorry. 

* Nirvana was made using a piece of our long pile hand-dyed rainbow mohair and our 'Belarius' pattern. And Naiya was made using our 'Lyric' pattern enlarged to give a 23" bear instead of the original 16", and a mix of hand-dyed and ivory mohair.

Friday, June 24, 2016

A trio of angels!

These three stunning panda-style bears were completed this week admist the chaos of trying to redecorate the kids rooms! (for the last 18mths they've both wanted to share a room - but I think the strain of being in each others pockets has finally taken it's toll and the fighting got beyond ridiculous. So we've moving them out, repainting the spare room and moving them back into their own spaces! This doesn't sound like that big of a deal when you write it out like that - but OH MY GOSH do they have a lot of crap between them! Too many hours have been spend sorting through toys and clothes, which meant that these three bears have taken a lot longer to complete then normal.

(Chelsea's room is nearly finished - she was chuffed to find an old princess dress-up dress that matched her walls! Also - note the tricky use of our faux fur 'Amethyst Sparkle' for her curtains! I wasn't sure if it would work - but it actually looks really cool and works as block-out curtains too due to the density of the pile! Byron is taking some convincing on colour choice though. Right now he wants frog-green, but Daddy and I are trying to persuade him to try a stormy blue or mint green instead!).

But the three Angel bears did finally get finished today - and they were all listed on our website earlier this evening. And they're all now adopted!

We do have a very limited amount of kits though, if you're interested in having a go at making one of these pretty pandas yourself? There's only one kit available for the sweet girl below, and it can be found in our etsy store. If you just like her mohair, we have one fat 1/4m piece of the caramel/beige coloured mohair left in stock, and the polar white curly kid mohair can also be found in store.

And the sweet lady below was made from the polar kid mohair again, and a piece we hand-dyed a stormy grey. We don't have any more of the medium kid mohair dyed in this grey colour ( we do have a longer 40mm pile piece), but we do have some in buttercup yellow, and cobalt blue that would also pair nicely with the white in panda-style like this. Or even with each other to make a really vibrant panda! Our pattern for these panda's is our 16" Lyric design.

And lastly, sweet Gabriel Angel bear. He too has been adopted, but we have TWO kits available for him that include all the mohair you need, plus the pattern, joints, wings, eyes, pendant etc. This fur is actually really lovely to work with despite being so long, and the effect it gives the bears is divine!