Wednesday, November 18, 2015


This beautiful big girl is 'Nahla', made from a pretty piece of hand-dyed mohair we had for sale one our website for a few weeks, but that hadn't sold yet. I told myself that if no one snapped it up, I was taking it for myself! So I did...

...and this big, blue beauty was the result.

We called her 'Nahla', as I read somewhere that it was supposed to mean calm water, or something of that nature. But it seams the name has a few different meanings, including 'Bear'. :)

Her colouring actually changes very subtly from her head down to her belly/feet. You'll notice that her head is a fresh ice-blue, while her lower body is more of a sky-blue. I'm usually quite 'in-your-face' with my colour choice when making bears, so I love how muted and understated this big girl is.

We plan to take her with us to the Brisbane Etsy Market in City Hall later this month, but we have popped her on the website in the meantime as well if any of our collectors would prefer to snap her up in the meantime. She is rather large (24" tall), so it would save us carrying her big blue butt all the way into the city - but she'll also make a rather beautiful showpiece. So we're not fussed either way :)

I've included a (rare) photo of myself with this big girl - you'll just need to scroll down for it - to show off her size. 24" doesn't sound like a lot - but when you see the proportions in person, it is surprising just how chunky she is. She is a one of a kind artist bear, so if you'd like her, please act quickly. If you're planning on attending the Brisbane Etsy Market as well, you're welcome to pay for her before hand, and collect her on the day to save postage as well. Just let us know.

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Rainbow Alpaca Collection

It has been a bit quiet here on the blog for the last three weeks because of these cheeky little critters - we just completed a huge batch of rainbow alpaca bears. Most of these little ones were made as custom orders, but there were a few extra bears in there as well. I had intended to have a few left over to add to the website - but they have ALL found new homes! 

We will likely do another batch of rainbow alpaca critters in early 2016 as we've had a few more custom requests. If you'd like one too, send me a message and we'll add you to the list :) 

Enjoy the many photos! :)