Saturday, May 30, 2015

Cherry Blossom

This little sweetie is 'Cherry Blossom'. She is a petite 11" tall and made from two of our hand-dyed mohair pieces paired together. I love how girly she ended up! (I suppose it would have been hard to make her boyish in those colours though!).

She looks out through a pair of our hand-painted glass eyes and wears a big glass lampwork heart pendant around her neck. I'm getting so low on pendants, charms and necklaces now though, that it may be time to go shopping again! That has got to be one of my most favourite aspects of bear-making - besides choosing the fur! Shopping for teddy bear jewelry is FUN!

This little lady has been adopted already, but if you wanted to browse our currently available bears then feel free to check out our website. We'll also be trading at the Brisbane Winter Wonderland bear show next weekend (it's at the Table Tennis Centre in Windsor - so nice and easy to get to), so if you'd like to come and meet one of the bears in person you're most welcome.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pigs and bears

This little cutie patootie is a little custom pig we just completed today. This little one is already adopted, but we do have the kit available. 

We also completed this very cute custom alpaca bear, hand-dyed in a custom citrine colouring with darker extremities. This one has been called 'Jin' by her new mum (which means 'gold' in Chinese).

And this little sweetheart is 'Adora'. Made in a stunning dense curly ginger mohair. She has tiny little hand pulled fingers and toes hidden under all those curls! She too is adopted :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


'Lyra-Love' is our newest bear. A big, chunky, cuddly 19" tall and made from two stunning pieces of mohair. She's quite a unique big bear, and distinctively 'Emma's Bears'. She is currently available in our store. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

some new custom creations

We were asked to create a custom possum creation recently. These little guys (see below for an actual photo) are quite common in our local area of south east queensland. So I found some appropriately coloured faux fur, whipped up a new design and the cutie looking back at you in the above four photos was the result :)

We also finished off a new rainbow custom teddy - this time with a black nose and minimal green colouring. Her new mum was happy :)

And this little critter was another custom order - designed to look like the commissioning collector's little pet who had passed away (see below).

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Kahukura the rainbow mohair bear

Many years ago we started experimenting with rainbow dyeing our mohair bears. I think I was a little bored with the idea of just placing the colours randomly on the bear, and I wanted a little more control over where the colours sat.... and so this technique was achieved.

You can find some of our early versions of this technique in our bearpile archives: 'Claudia', 'Zulimar', 'Leilani', and 'Djamil' are just a few.

This big bear is actually the first one we've created in this technique in the last 12months. The process is time consuming and expensive, so we don't do it a lot. (This post from nearly 2 years ago shows a little bit of how the technique works)

This is also the first time we've used such a long mohair as well - this one has a 70-80mm pile length. This means the bear is deliciously fluffy - but actually cutting out the pieces, dyeing it up and sewing it was a bit of a challenge!!

Kahukura is a one of a kind. And at the moment she is available for adoption.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Meet 'Cascade'. She's a rather chunky big lady standing in at 21" tall. When she sits she takes up a space nearly 17" across as well!

She is made in a piece of our long pile mohair that we dyed a pretty aqua/turquoise blue. This has certainly been my favourite colour to work with over the last 6 months or so. We've nearly sold out of the white version of this mohair though... so there might not be a lot more dyeing happening for a little while!

Cascade is currently available for adoption if you think you'd like her to come and live with you. She is a one of a kind, so you're guarenteed your own not-so-little piece of original soft sculpture art!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Custom TWINS

These two fluffy big bears were made last week as another custom order. Their mum was so relaxed about the details, and together we happily worked out what they would look like and which fur would work to achieve this look. Throw in a bit of magic, and this is what we got in return!

Each bear is approx 21" tall and lightly weighted. The mohair is 40mm long with soft corkscrew curls (one of my most favourite fabrics to work with!).

These two are sold, but if you'd like to have a go at making one like this yourself we do have our 'Belarius' pattern (which is pretty much the same as these guys, just with slightly bigger feet) available in our etsy store.