Saturday, May 16, 2015

Kahukura the rainbow mohair bear

Many years ago we started experimenting with rainbow dyeing our mohair bears. I think I was a little bored with the idea of just placing the colours randomly on the bear, and I wanted a little more control over where the colours sat.... and so this technique was achieved.

You can find some of our early versions of this technique in our bearpile archives: 'Claudia', 'Zulimar', 'Leilani', and 'Djamil' are just a few.

This big bear is actually the first one we've created in this technique in the last 12months. The process is time consuming and expensive, so we don't do it a lot. (This post from nearly 2 years ago shows a little bit of how the technique works)

This is also the first time we've used such a long mohair as well - this one has a 70-80mm pile length. This means the bear is deliciously fluffy - but actually cutting out the pieces, dyeing it up and sewing it was a bit of a challenge!!

Kahukura is a one of a kind. And at the moment she is available for adoption.

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