Sunday, June 29, 2014

Limited Edition 'Prim' - bears and kits

Over the last few days I've been working on some small pink viscose bears. I had a vision in mind for old-style bears... but they had other ideas! And the further along I got the more 'girly' they became instead!

And so we ended up with two sweet little ladies with their satin tutu skirts, pearl necklaces and big pink hair bows. I asked my Facebook page to help me name them, and chose 'Prim' from the suggestions. Seemed very appropriate for such proper little creatures.

We have both limited edition bears available for adoption in our etsy store, but only ONE limited edition kit left for sale. (The kit quite literally includes everything you need except for pink sewing thread, sewing needles, scissors and the shading medium).

Thursday, June 26, 2014


I was rummaging through my mohair scraps box last weekend when I found a little piece of this amazing ginger-gold curly mohair with a burnt-brown tip. My fingers were itching to make something out of it, but I didn't want to waste any either.

So I enlarged my new 'Euston' pattern by 130%, and ended up with pieces that fit almost perfectly to the mohair I had left.

And so 'Theodore' was born.

I had a lot of fun shaping his big cheeks and trying to get his nose as petite as I could. His mohair is so gorgeous that I couldn't bare to cover it with too many accessories, so we just gave him a simple contrasting teal-blue satin bow.

Theodore is a one of a kind, very sweet little artist bear, and is available for adoption now.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Show has BEGUN!

The Teddies Worldwide Online Show has officially started - and these are our 10 brand new, never-before-seen critters created just for this weekend!

We have 'Archimedes Owl' - a brand new design for Emma's Bears (you can download his ePattern here). He is made from a fun mix of faux fur and long-pile mohair and has a jointed head so he can do that creepy thing Owls do when they turn to look at you without moving their body!

He is 14" tall, very chunky and weighty and available for adoption on our show page along with all of the other critters.


This little cutie is 'Azariel', made in our imported 'Surf's Up' mohair. He's a perfect 12" tall, fully jointed and heavily weighted. And he comes with his gorgeous little seahorse friend.


This petite little lady is 'Bellatrix Bunny', and she is made in a piece of our hand-dyed short pile mohair using our 'Little Bunny' pattern. This mohair feels like velvet to the touch, and she's actually a bit closer to her full-body photo in colouring then her close up. More of a blue-based purple tone then pink.


And this little cutie is one of my favourites! He is made in a piece of our Limited Edition long-pile tipped mohair, and our cute little 6" 'Trini' pattern.

We posed him with a funky Kombi Van ornament and gave him a little shell necklace to complete his beach-themed look.


And this big girl is Freya the pink and white panda, made in our 'Perky Pink' and 'Fluffy Cloud' faux fur fabrics. We used the large 'Alivea' pattern to create her, but altered it slightly to create her panda-eye patches and chest insert.


Here we have our profile bear for the show - little Island Sunset, made from the faux fur of the same name. We kept her accessories pretty simple and just gave her a string of pink franjipani flower pendants and a little pink bow in her hair.


This little lady has to be the brightest of the bunch (I was going to say the craziest... but you haven't seen who's coming up next yet! :P)

We've made her from another piece of our rainbow hand-dyed mohair, and our elephant pattern.


And THEN we have this little dude. Mr 'Overworked Odin'. He's quirky... I'll give you that!

He's actually Mark's favourite (and he told me that if he doesn't sell in the show, he'll keep him for himself!). Odin is made from yet another piece of our hand-dyed mohair (this piece was a patchy bright orange with blue/green splotches) and he looks out through a pair of handmade Russian glass eyes I was keeping for a special creation.

Odin is fully wobble-jointed and very heavy, so he's delightful to hold. He's had lots of aging and shading and is just not something you will see in every bear collection!


This little lady is 'Vanya'. She is made from a mix of our super-long pile white mohair and one of the last pieces of our gold curly kid mohair - so two very deluxe fur fabrics. We gave her choc-gold hand painted glass eyes with sculpted lids and pulled/shaded toes.

She looks very casual sitting by the water with her oversized sunnies too.


And last, but by no means least - we have 'Baby Katie'. She is another in my 'reborn' style baby-bear range. We hand-dyed her mohair a gorgeous soft buttery-yellow colour (the raw white mohair can be purchased here), and gave her big black german glass eyes. She has low-set ears and the sweetest chubby cheeks.

Baby Katie wears a pink-velour ruffle dress over a white onesie and newborn nappy and comes with her little rattle as well. She too can be found for adoption on our show page with all the other critters!

Monday, June 16, 2014


This is our latest little lady to emerge from the Emma's Bears studio. I documented her arrival through our new 'Instagram' account (well, it's not really a 'new' account - I started it about 2yrs ago but never did anything with it. But I've recently discovered what an incredible little online world it is. Just search for #emmasbears to find some of our work-in-progress photos, or you can also pop straight over to our profile).

And then earlier this afternoon our gorgeous 'Miriam' was finished. I had actually intended that she'd be wearing a big fluffy plush pink fur jacket - but when I put it on her it just didn't look right. So I thought I'd see how the red dress looked... and it is like it was made for her.

Miriam is currently available for adoption. We used our 'Kanoa' pattern to make her (available for instant download in our etsy store), but her mohair was a piece from our personal collection - before we started importing in bulk for our supply store - so sadly I can't link you to a listing to buy it yourself. It is very lovely though! I do wish I had a bit more!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Custom Premmie Baby Bear

This little guy is Baby Oscar. I was contacted by his mum a few weeks ago asking if I could make a bear 41cm long and 3lbs 1oz in weight. I was a little surprised by how specific the sizing/weighting needed to be for her custom bear, but then she explained why and I totally understood.

Back in February when I was also pregnant with my surrogate bubba, her little guy was born sleeping at 33wks. He was born weighing 3lbs, 1oz and 41cm long. And his name was Oscar.

So I made some adjustments to my newborn-sized baby bear design to bring the proportions back down to a smaller 'premmie' size, and to make sure the bear would be 41cm long when assembled.

His mum chose from our available mohair, and decided that our 'Oscar' tipped mohair was meant to be. I hadn't made a baby bear from this fur before, but I must say I'm really impressed with how well it makes up in a larger sized bear.

She asked that he be dressed in a little knitted jacket, and have the white body/sleeve 'onesie' look like some of my other baby bears have had (we used our 'Noah' mohair for this - it's seriously soft and perfect for the task).

And so 'Baby Oscar' the bear was completed this morning. His little knitted cream hoodie jacket arrived in the post late friday (and was a perfect fit), and he had his photoshoot earlier today. The photos have been sent to his new mum and I'm so relieved to say she likes him!

I must say that this has been a very touching custom order, and one I was so honoured to be asked to do.