Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A quirky batch of bears - Ediths, Sigmunds and Ralphs

Earlier this year we imported some new Schulte mohair that had an unsual double thick pile - giving the fur a very unique texture. We dyed most of it up into rainbow colours, but held back a little to try some more neutral, softer colours. The result of which was three similar pinky/beige/mushroomy type colours. We decided to combined the three colours and make a limited edition 'family' of quirky bears.

I had been working on them in little bursts of time in between other bear orders for a few months now, but finally had a chance to sit down and get them completed this week. These cute little critters were the result!

We have three sets of two - Edith and Edith Jnr, Sigmund and Sigmund Jnr and Ralph and Ralph Jnr.

A few have already found their new homes, but you'll be able to see who is still available by visiting our main website. 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A trio of Pussy Cats

These three handsome kitties were some of our recent custom orders. These three have been made using our exclusive Emma's Bears Cat Pattern along with some of our gorgeous faux fur:

Orchid Kiss for the purple kitty

Pastel Puff for the pink/blue/purple kitty

And Rainbow Wave for the rainbow kitty 

All three have now been adopted. 

Friday, November 24, 2017

November catch up

We have had a MASSIVE couple of weeks - and I've been so busy I completely forgot to come back and share some photos of our projects here on the blog.

These four little puddings were our Christmas limited edition batch. They have all been adopted.

And this big girl was a slightly different style of Toddler bear we created - more of an old-world looking girl. She too is adopted.

This handsome boy was a recent commission. He is made from the most stunning mohair/viscose blend fur!

This little darling was a commissioned piece that wasn't quite right - so she went up for general adoption where she quickly found a new mum.

This handsome fellow was a commissioned hedgehog style teddy. Something a little quirky and different!

These two were commissioned panda twins - and they look stunning together!