Monday, February 17, 2014

Three gorgeous new Baby-Bears

Meet Baby Barnaby - The sweetest, chunkiest, fluffiest little baby boy bear ever! 

Name: Barnaby Basil 
Born: 5/2/14
Time: 11:12am 
Weight: 5 lb 6oz
Length: 45cm 

Barnaby didn't last long for adoption in our etsy store, and has already found a new home. I would say this this little guy has been my favourite baby-bear creation so far. We used our 'Golden' Kid mohair to create his face/limbs - and it just suits this style of bear beautifully.

Sadly we've sold out of the white (Polar) and pink (Sweetheart) versions of this mohair line already, so only have Golden, Milk Chocolate, Licorish and Pudding left. See the photo below. *** According to my hubby we're really low on Golden and Milk Chocolate too! ***


This little lady is 'Baby Chloe'. She has been made in a mix of our deluxe white imported mohair and some buttery-gold distressed imported mohair for her 'bodysuit'. We've dressed her with some super cute accessories - a gorgeous plush pink teddy-hat and a soft lemon-daisy-print ruffle onesie.

Name: Chloe Marie 
Born: 13/2/14
Time: 3:28pm 
Weight: 4 lb 1oz
Length: 17" (45cm)

Baby Chloe is our newest baby-bear creation and currently still available in our esty store.


And this little guy is 'Baby Fergus'. He too has been made in our lovely deluxe white imported mohair like Chloe, but this time paired with our dusky blue 'Bermuda' mohair for his 'bodysuit'.

Name: Fergus Toby 
Born: 7/2/14
Time: 8:51am 
Weight: 5 lb 1oz
Length: 45cm 

Baby Fergus is also still available for adoption. He comes with his gorgeous lion-applique newborn onesie and his cute little girrafe rattle.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Trio of pinkness

I can't believe it's been over 2 weeks since I last posted here! Naughty Emma! Very naughty!

I've completed quite a few critters in that time too - so will start with this little trio in showing them off to you guys. These three ladies are 'Daisy', 'Petal' and 'Rose', and have been made in different variations of the same pattern (our 9" Willa/Attila pattern), using two of our newly imported mohair lines - pink is called 'Suzy' and is available in our store, and the white called is 'Emmett' - also available in our store (this one dyes up really nicely too!).

I had a lot of fun making each girl different, and choosing accessories to show off their different personalities. All three girls can currently be found for adoption in our etsy store as well.