Monday, March 31, 2014

Meet Zander Michael

For the last 9 months I have been 'cooking' a special little bub for another family. On Wednesday he was born, and he's just perfect. I've written a more detailed birth story over at the surrogacy blog if you're interested too. But the main stats are that he was born at 2:40pm on Wednesday the 26th March 2014, weighing 9lb, 9oz and 57cm long! His parents have named him Zander Michael.

There were some complications following his arrival, and his placenta would not detatch so I ended up being rushed to theatre (which is why I look like this in the above photo! I had just been wheeled back to the ward here!). But I'm home and back with my kids, and Zander is home with his family.

 I will be taking a few weeks out to recover, but Mark is still working on the mail orders from and there are still a number of ready-made bears available for adoption over at our Emma's Bears etsy store. We won't be taking custom orders for a bit longer yet though.

We wanted to thank everyone who's contacted us with words of support too, it means so much.


  1. What a big boy. I hope you recover well and keep reminding your self what a wonderful thing you have done for another family.
    It must be very. very hard.
    Hugs Kay

  2. Wonderful and so very cute little Boy! Congrats for the new Baby! I hope you*ll be fine very soon!

  3. I applaud you. What a wonderful gift that Zander is a healthy baby. Many happy years ahead are wished to the blessed couple - Zander's parents.
    I hope you're up and back to normal soon so you can enjoy your family to the fullest.

  4. Welcome little Zander Michael! Congrats for the new baby! Best wishes for all of you. Big hugs, Iris ♥