Friday, July 18, 2014

Pip, Smudge and Forrest - playing with Viscose

We received some viscose in our last new fabric shipment, so I decided to have a play with dyeing it. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it dyes just as well as (purhaps even better then) mohair. And I was able to achieve some really pretty mottled/batik effects with my colours.

I chose one particular piece in my favourite shades of olive/mossy green and cut three bears using various reductions of our 'Booth' pattern. (The original pattern makes up to 11" tall, and then we reduced it to give us a 9" bear and a 5.5" bear).

I'm really happy with the end result actually. I adore the feel of the viscose - it's silky to the touch. But with a woven backing it was easy to use. The 5.5" one was a little tricky to turn right-side out, so I reinforced the seams to avoid fraying. But all in all, we ended up with three pretty cute little bears.

All three are currently available in our etsy store. And if you'd like to find the hand-dyed viscose in the other shades we have in stock, just pop on over to I think there's even a little bit of this green/tan 'Camo' colour batch left if you really love it too.

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