Friday, July 24, 2015

Rainbow Baby

We were recently asked to create a rainbow bear in remembrance of a beautiful little baby who had passed away.

I am sure it is not an easy thing for parents of a lost child to seek out something like this, so I am always blown away by their courage in even starting the process for a special custom bear. I could not imagine how I would be feeling in their situation, but I can see how a physical, tangible 'thing' that can be held and cuddled, could possibly bring a tiny glimmer of comfort. And I am honored beyond words to be entrusted to create this special bear.

For this special little teddy, we used our regular reborn style baby-bear design and a piece of our bright hand-dyed rainbow mohair in a short, velvety pile. We sourced a pair of newborn-sized white feather angel wings from the other side of the world and tried to keep the bear's expression as serene as possible. (Long-term followers of our work will know that our bears do have a tendency to look grumpy, which I didn't feel was appropriate here. So I am grateful that this sweet bear cooperated with me!)

We attached some ivory lace elastic so that the wings can be removed. But they really do look so pretty against the bright rainbow colours of the mohair. This stunning teddy is a very special, and hopefully meaningful, piece of soft sculpture art.

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