Saturday, April 23, 2016

Princess Carotine and the purple carrot dye!

I was prepping some purple carrots for dinner earlier in the week, and noticed just how much pigment was staining my fingers (and what a pretty shade of purple it was), when I decided to see what would happen if we tried to dye some mohair using the carrot-water.
We have, in the past, dyed mohair using a number of natural colour sources like onion skins (which give a lovely caramel brown), beetroot (surprisingly a peachy/salmon colour), rhubarb (a pretty pale pink) and I even tried blueberries once (which didn't work and just made a hell of a mess!).
I honestly wasn't expecting this to work, and figured the colour would rinse out. But not only did the colour stay, but we actually got a gorgeous dusky-purple result! We thought you guys might be interested to see the process

Above: mohair still wet, straight after being rinsed. Below: 12hrs later after the fur had dried.

And this little sweetheart is the resulting bear! We mixed the long and short pile pieces dyed using the same purple carrot pigment to make a quirky girl bear with an oversized princess crown and pearl belly button. We called her 'Princess Carotine', and she has been adopted.

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