Tuesday, September 2, 2014

16" is a really nice size for a bear

In amongst all the other stuff going on here in the Emma's Bears studio with creations and custom orders and fur supplier negotiations... we've whipped up these two bears using our 'Lyric' pattern. The resulting bears are 16" tall, and I think I have come to the conclusion that this is my new favourite size for a bear. They're not too small that you wonder how on earth something so tiny took you so long to make, and not so big that you feel like you've run a marathon at the end of stuffing it!

We made these bears as examples of some new limited edition faux fur fabrics we were stocking over at www.furaddiction.com. This fluffy ginger guy is 'Belmonte', and there is still a bit of the faux fur he was made from available. We achieved his distinguised centre-seam part look by folding the head-gusset pattern piece in half and rotating it to lay horizontally on the fabric rather then vertically, then cutting each half of the gusset so that the fur naturally parts down the middle like this (and sewing it back together again obviously!).

*** it sounds way trickier then it actually is! ***

But we've sold out of the faux fur used to make the bear down the bottom of this page (I've gone a little photo-crazy with Belmonte here so you'll need to scroll down a fair way to find poor Bon Bon bear!)

We cut Bon Bon using the same Lyric pattern, but this time using the muzzle pieces (instead of the full head pattern) and the half-body pieces (instead of the full body pattern - it will make a lot more sense if you actually own this pattern already!).

We used our dense 'Noah' mohair to make his cheeks and chest insert as they allowed us a flat white contrast to the 'noise' of the faux fur. Sometimes a bear's face can get a bit lost if you use a really noisy fur like this without something to break it up a bit.

In saying that, Bon Bon's faux fur was VERY popular, and we actually sold out of it within a few days! We do still have Bon Bon himself available for adoption though, and 'Belmonte' bear available for adoption too.

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