Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Mohair Colours!

['Sahara Sunset']

['Porcelain Frost']

We collected our new shipment of mohair on the weekend - a whole rainbow of teddy colours! I spent ages trying to capture the colours correctly (seriously a lot trickier than you'd imagine!), and thinking up exotic names for all the colours!

['Through the Clouds']

['Antique Gold']

['Blonde Bear']

So now you can find funky furs by the name of 'Sahara Sunset', 'Summer Kiss', 'Porcelain Frost', 'Blonde Bear', Barley Straw and 'Through the Clouds' etc in my esty store!

I even have a customised 'Emma's Bears' colour too! I asked if it could be made, they did a sample dye test piece, LOVED IT, and decided they will add it to their colour range as well! So here it is: 'Emma's Grizzly', a stunning rich chestnut/forest brown with a very deep blue tip. A little twist on the standard brown/black tip classic grizzly fur colour-way. (A small amount is currently available in my esty store).

[Emma's Grizzly]

And to top off all of the excitement of the fur arrival, I managed to FINALLY get the second long-pile lambswool bear sewn and turned out. This is a process that would normally take me one day time kids nap for a regular bear (note: all lengths of time are currently measured in 'nap times' for me!), but this one has been weeks in the making! I actually felt like I was doing a workout while trying to sew and turn him out! Hopefully we'll have some finished lambswool bear photos in the not too distant future for you all.

(and yes, that's a 12" ruler next to him... he's going to be BIG!)

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