Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gelli Baff!!!

I love this stuff! It feels amazing. It was one of Chelsea's 'Santa' gifts - but was probably more for me than her!

You take a normal everyday clamshell wading pool and half fill it with water...

...sprinkle in the blue powder (which smells like blueberry jelly crystals!)...

...wait a few minutes...

...and you have some goo to play in!!! Oliver even got in on the action! Chelsea didn't stay in it for long. She wasn't impressed. So I took over and used it as a foot-spa for a while! Just divine!


  1. Sorry, looks revolting to me! I'd have been outta there like your daughter!

    Btw, cute kid, and cute dog. We had beagles growing up, they are brilliant dogs, your pics just reminded me of them is all, and I got all sentimental.

  2. Huh, kids, they never appreciate the good stuff lol

  3. lol, it does look pretty yucky (especially when you get the more gross colours too!), but it really does feel cool! And Beagles are lovely dogs aren't they. Oliver is our first, but he's proving to be a good choice for us!