Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another hand sewn mini bear

This is Brokk, the mini I mentioned in an earlier post. He is not my best work, but has his own charm. I found him in my 'to-be-completed' bag of bear bits when I was looking for something else to handsew on new years eve. It has gotten to the point now where cutting out patterns is a little difficult (I like to sit cross legged on the floor and spread all my mohair and bits around me - its not so bad getting down there, but I can't bend or reach anything and usually require assistance to get back up again!), so I've had to resign myself to the bears I cut out a while ago but never finished for various reasons... probably not a bad thing at the end of the day though. At least those poor souls will get a chance! :P


  1. Brokk's cute! love his large and shiny eyes!

  2. Brokk is adorable. We all have our own "look" and matching personality. He is a wonderful bear.


  3. Aww, so glad he got a chance! Looking forward to meeting any others you get round to creating too :o)