Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tiny Weeny Panda Bear

I was playing around with my polymer clay yesterday afternoon as I needed to make some eyelids for the latest bear I'm working on (the Grape Kool Aid-dyed bear - She's got sparkly pink eyes (a little creepy), grape coloured eyelids and bald ears so far!).

Anyways, while I had the clay out, and Chelsea was sleeping, I thought I'd try making a little mini bear. This little guy was the result. Chels woke up about half way through the process of making it, and got VERY annoyed when I wouldn't let her hold him!

She got to give him a tiny mini cuddle when he was cooked, and all nice and hard!


  1. Aww, he came out lovely. Now I want to dig out my Fimo!

  2. Looks like fondant!

    I just want to eat him.

    *nom nom nom*

  3. I'm really sorry to come with bad news, but someone stole your little panda and claimed to have made it in DA:

    She's even selling prints of this, I've reported the theft but I believe you would want to know it.

    1. Hi Talty - Can't believe it's taken me 16months to find your message! Thank you so much for trying to let me know what was happening. I had no idea. I only stumbled back onto the post as it popped up down the bottom of my blog as a 'popular' post. Obviously a few people have been visiting here! You did well to track that down! Thank you so much.