Saturday, July 31, 2010

bear mags anyone?

We're moving shortly, and we have a LOT of stuff that doesn't need to move with us. Some of which are bear books, magazines and related items.

I have a couple of photos on my facebook page if you're interested. As I slowly pack more and more STUFF, I'm sure I'll find more and more things that we never use as well... so watch this space! ;)


  1. Emma, how far you from Brisbane? Or postage to South Africa? type of payment? talesiaru at gmai dot com, thank you, Natasha.

  2. Hi, postage to south africa for a bundle of three magazines would be $27! (which is a bit crazy!). I live in Brisbane, about 30mins from the CBD, in an eastern suburb near the coast if that helps at all. Paypal would be the easiest payment.