Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mr Fighter (the fighter fish) has a girlfriend

Mark, Chelsea and I went to a local pet shop this morning to find Mr Fighter a girlfriend. We chose a massive shop about 20mins drive away, and we were all in pet-shop heaven! We pushed Chelsea's pram up to the windows with the puppies and kittens, and showed her the baby birds. We did a few laps of the fish area - complete with EVERY kind of aquatic life you could possibly want! There was even a massive blue starfish stuck to the wall of one of the display tanks. The variety of fighter fish colours and tail types was incredible too. (I know where I'll be going next time!).

We found a sweet little female fighter fish and took her home. I floated the bag in the top of Mr Fighters tank for half an hour while the two of them got acquainted.

When I let her out, she successfully hid from him for about 10mins, before deciding to brave a meeting. It was actually really sweet watching the two of them say hello. Mr Fighter seemed genuinely shy! :P (He is now stalking her around the tank with his flares up - but hasn't attacked her yet. Just seems to be telling her that the warm spot near the heater is his. She has been banished to the cold bottom of the tank :P)

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  1. Cute! Maybe his flares are up because he is trying to impress her. love!