Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A special birthday delivery for Chelsea

Yet again, Chelsea's guardian angel from the USA has managed to send us a super cute stuffie... this time a sweet not-so-little giraffe!

I let Chels pull him out of the box.

She decided his nose needed examining.

Then poor Mr Giraffe got side-lined for the seriously interesting squishy stuff that came in the box with him.

After a few attempts at draping the bubble wrap over her head...

...she lost interest, and Mr Giraffe was flipped upside down so his feet could be checked out.

There were quite a few occasions where she gave in to the softness of the giraffe too, and laid her head on him, popped a thumb in her mouth and gave him a special 'Chelsea cuddle'. However these Chelsea cuddles are more like micro cuddles, and very hard to capture on camera! But thank you again Miss Julie - she loves him!

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