Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chelsea's birthday party

Today we had Chelsea's first birthday party.

It was FULL ON!!! I suppose it was also my first birthday party too - as a mum anyway - so that was eye-opening! All the shopping, and prep work, and running around, and organising... just for 2-3hrs of chaos!

It was fun though. Hard work, and completely exhausting. But fun. This was her all dressed up with her hair in pig-tails before we left. (The pig-tails didn't last!)

Mark got to the park (our house is so tiny we didn't even contemplate having it here) at 7am to make sure he scored the best table area. I had loaded him up with a massive bag of balloons, table clothes, ribbons and streamers the night before. So he spend the morning blowing up masses of pink and purple balloons. The area looked awesome!

As I pushed Chels up to the tables from the car park, her little arms reached up towards the balloons and she shrieked with excitement. I think the whole morning was quite full on for her too though, as she ended up falling asleep about 30sec after we had packed everything up and buckled her into her car seat.

This was the amazing puppy cake a friend of mine from highschool made for Chels. I had contacted her about possibly making her a cake months ago, and her first question was 'what does Chelsea like?'. At that stage she was about 8months old, and didn't really have distinct 'likes' yet. Besides dogs. She has always loved animals - even from a tiny baby of two months or so - but when dogs are around she lights up! So A puppy cake was deemed most appropriate. And i think it turned out beautifully!

After we'd gotten her home for a sleep, it was time to open her MOUNTAIN of presents! I think this was a bit overwhelming for her as well. But she now has a decent stash of cool toys and new clothes to see her through the next few months (well - at least until Christmas anyway!).


  1. My congrats with 1st BD and best wishes to princess! She's so pretty! :))

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