Sunday, July 11, 2010

Solaris - the sunset bear

My thumb is basically healed now. Its still a slightly odd shade of bluey-purple, but back to normal size - and with enough movement that I was able to get this sweet, colourful boy finished this morning.

I've named him Solaris (for obvious reasons), which means 'of the sun' in Latin. He is dyed using Cherry, Orange and Mango Kool Aid flavours.


  1. Solaris is gorgeous! Fantastic colors and I love his face. Very expressive.
    I'm glad your thumb is healing and usable again. We sure do need our thumbs!

  2. Glad you are healing. Solaris is gorgeous, I agree with Laura about the colors. Just beautiful.


  3. Glad the thumb is doing better, love the way Solaris turned out, especially the shading on his paws

  4. Amazing colors and a beautiful bear! Does the dye process make the fur any coarser?

  5. I enjoy seeing these bears come to life with their rich colors. These are especially appropriate for the weather we are having - sunshine and summertime. I hope the hand continues to heal quickly.


  6. Thanks for all the awesome comments guys. And no, the dye doesn't seem to make the texture any courser, but it makes the fur fibres more distressed and less flat and uniform like they were when i bought the piece. He has a bit of a scruffy look to him now. Probably a by-product of my painting technique more than the dye.