Friday, July 16, 2010

Ordalf the Fairy Bear

This gorgeous young man is Ordalf. He is the finished bear made from the piece of mohair in the blue/green/yellow colours from this Kool Aid post

His wings are his best feature. And unfortunately I can't claim to have made them myself! They were very kindly custom made by Little Wing Faerie Art - an amazing wing-maker I found on etsy. I recommend checking out her store. She usually makes adult wings (which are beyond belief themselves!), but agreed to make me these tiny little ones for a bear. At the time I didn't know which bear - but as I was cutting out Ordalf's pieces from the brightly coloured fur, I knew the wings were meant for him.


  1. what a gorgeous new bear! love the fur! you do a wonderful job with the dying! and the wings and necklace are so pretty too! congrats on your new baby on the way!

  2. Hi Emma
    I really do like the colours you have used. As well as the shading! I agree they are beaut wings!
    Hugs from "Down Under"

  3. It's amazing what koolaid can do!