Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jessamine and Larue

Today was rainy and gloomy in 'Sunny Brisbane'. A good day for staying indoors and watching DVDs. I managed to sew these two bear yesterday, and got their limbs jointed, eyes set and noses sewn last night. Today was simply ears, heads jointed, stuffed, shaded and otherwise finished.

This morning I watch Juno while I stuffed (and had a bit of a cry at the end... I always do right at 'some day you'll be back here on your own terms'). Then after Chelsea woke up we watched 'UP' - or rather it played in the background while she danced around the lounge room, scattered her blocks everywhere, crumbled biscuit into the carpet, begged to be picked up, then wriggled to be put down, then picked up, then put down... yet somehow I managed to get these guys done!

The bigger one is Jessamine, and the little panda is Larue. The darker fur looks more red in these pictures, but is actually a lovely dark berry-pink. The lighter mohair is a wispy cream with soft pink tips. Both bears are made of of the same fur, and i thought it would be fun to photograph them together showing how different they can look with different colour placement.

I've currently got Jessamine on bearpile, but ran out of camera battery, and daylight, before I could get photos of Larue. So he'll have to go on sometime tomorrow.