Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dejan the Bunny

I'm kind of addicted to the luxury mohair at the moment, but felt a need to step away from Panda's for a little while... well, for a day at least!

This little guy is 'Dejan'. He is a patchy cream and chocolate curly mohair bunny, complete with whiskers, bendable ears and a cotton-bud tail.

I was just doing the calculations in my mind then, and realised Chelsea has been incredibly patient with me today. This morning at 9am, Dejan was just a pile of sewn up bunny pieces. And now, 3pm local time, he's finished! Chelsea had a great time unpacking my sewing box while I worked. And I somehow managed to assemble Dejan and keep her away from the really dangerous things - scissors, quick unpicks, sewing needles etc, and the potentially messy things - silk dye, pens, paintbrushes etc. Actually, she's really good now. I think she's watched me sewing so much that she knows what she can and can't touch. If she picks up anything she isn't allowed to have, she hands it straight over to me. Kind of like her version of saying 'this isn't safe mum, put it away!'.

So, after a very productive day, Dejan is now up for adoption and currently listed on bearpile.


  1. Emma, he's gorgeus
    I just can't get enough of your passion to make teddies and Bunny. You inspiration for me.
    And all the best with family and new baby on the way

  2. Oh he is fab, love those ears and the wee tail

  3. Oh, Dejan is SO cool! Bunny with a character!

    Best wishes,

  4. thanks guys :) It was just so nice to make something different again!