Monday, November 1, 2010

I think I have a crush on the postman!

Well... maybe I shouldn't go so far as to call it a 'crush' - but I like him. A lot! He brings me goodies in the mail nearly every week. Mind you, the goodies are only arriving because I purchased them on etsy first! :P

Today we had THREE parcels arrive. I would love to show you photos of the actual items, but most of them are christmas gifts (and some of the people for whom the gifts are intended might read this blog!).

Instead I'll give you the links to these amazing etsy stores so you can check them out yourself. For my fellow Australian's, I have THE MOST INCREDIBLE jewellery you will ever find! Check out this store - Unique Dichroic Glass Creations. My pendants arrived this morning and they are all stunning! They come in little printed paper packets, with little organza bags inside, with the pendant inside that! Beautifully presented for gift giving. They are so much more stunning in person that the pictures show. And they are good pictures!

Next arrived a big box full of these gorgeous handmade pocked mirrors. They are again stunningly presented and just perfect for popping in a handbag. I have a lot of ladies in my life - so I got a LOT of these! The etsy store is called Kailo Chic and she sells a lot of other gorgeous things as well.

And lastly - a bit of a surprise package from Israel. I had completely forgotten this one was coming. I purchased this pendant to wear to my brother's wedding - this weekend! So I'm glad it made it in time. I actually bought it before I found a dress to wear too. Luckily the dress I purchased has some blue on it as well. I think even if the colours had clashed I still would have worn it anyway! It is just gorgeous. I must say though, I LOVE big chunky jewellery. And I LOVE real stones even more! So this was the best of both worlds! There are some other pretty lovely pieces in Mara Joyce Designs store if you wanted to check them out too.


  1. Hi Emma, thanks for sharing the etsy-shops. Great idea for X-mas gifts - I ordered jewellery and pocket mirrors, too. Big hugs, Iris from Italy

  2. Hi Em, Thanks so much for featuring me on your fabulous blog! I am touched:)
    Deborah :)