Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bubba number two

When we were going through all of the uncertainty about the gender of bubba number two, I decided to have a 3D scan to see if that would help shed some light! It was an awesome experience, and we got a good look at what appeared to be 'boy bits'. (Then I followed it up with the urine test which also said boy).

Yesterday I took some my family - Mum, little sister, best friend, Dad, step-mum, mother-in-law, Mark and Chelsea, with me to have another 3D scan to see if we could get a good look at his little face (and maybe confirm the gender again).

Bubba didn't want to cooperate! They got me to dance around the room, drink cold water, get down on all fours with my bum in the air, lay on a pregnancy massage table so my belly could hang down... nothing worked! We got these six blurry images. (The package I wanted would have provided over 100 images!). They were very apologetic and didn't charge me very much, but I still felt disappointed. Especially as I'd dragged all my family half way across the city for it! AND - they couldn't get a look at his bottom either! So we've decided to have a girls name picked out as well - just in case!

We did get to see him yawn and suck his fist, and hear his heartbeat. So that was nice. I've labled some of these photos with some text to help you make out what the images show (click on the image to bring it up larger). Each one is taken in quick succession of the previous. It basically just shows him munching on his little fist! Pretty cute really. If you can see it! (


  1. I'm not sure I understand this notion of knowing the babies sex before the birth, but it does seem to the way to go, as my niece already knows she's expecting a girl in Jan. I hope all goes well for you Emma, and it's a shame that the pictures aren't a bit better.:)

  2. well, I think there is something to be said for waiting. At least then you can be sure!