Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bentley the BIG panda

I've enlarged one of my favourite panda patterns and now have a tonne of fun coloured panda's cut out and ready to sew in this new, BIG size!

This is the first creation - Bentley. He ended up standing in at a massive 22". Probably not that big for some bear makers, and at the end of the day I have made bigger - but when you haven't had to stuff a bear this size in a long time, you soon appreciate the extra volume inside those chunky arms, legs and belly!


  1. Bentley is beautiful Emma, I love him.

  2. Bugger, I've just noticed that he's been adopted already.

  3. Oh he's fab :o) I know what you mean about the stuffing, I have a 22 incher that I entered for the BBAAs, thought I'd never get finished stuffing him before the deadline!

  4. Siento haberme perdido algunos de tus trabajos.
    Me encanta tu nuevo osito, es fantastico.
    Feliz domingo
    besitos ascension