Saturday, September 4, 2010

A bit of pink for your saturday...

I had a little play with Booth's pattern to see what would happen if I greatly reduced the width and length of the head gusset, and Acorn was the result.

I was actually quite happy with the head shape I got from this small change. It gave her a very distinct little face, with a high and proud forehead - and just begged for smaller ears to stick out from the top like they do!

Despite the nice differences in Acorn, I think I still like Booth's look though. Acorn is a little too close to my standard bears in looks. I really want something startlingly different.... I'll just keep playing!

Acorn is on bearpile and etsy. (and again the same applies for this little lady - if you really want her, and don't want to miss out I'd recommend buying her through etsy).


  1. So sweet, we like both patterns. Booth is all boy, where your change for Acorn is very much a girl.

    All of Us

  2. Acorn ist beautiful, too. I like her face.

  3. Acorn sure is beautiful I like her face too and her color as well :)

  4. Que fantastico osito, me encanta!!!!!
    besitos ascension

  5. Sweet little Acorn girl,so shy ,child-look face. Well done, Emma.
    All the best and more creations to come before you get very busy.