Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's a boy... continued!

After getting the result from the gender test (see last post), I decided that was enough evidence for me, and took Chels down to the local shops to see what they had in the way of newborn boys clothes for the middle of summer! (oh - and to post a bear and pick up some groceries... but those were minor tasks! :P)

I will admit I felt a bit sad walking past all the gorgeous pink frilly things with butterflies and flowers... There just doesn't seem to be as much variety for boys. I did find a few little outfits that I liked though, (see below) all that for a tiny $13! Chelsea thought she'd be really clever and climb onto the table too...

Then I had the smart idea to maybe check what boy-appropriate newborn clothing I had left over from Chelsea...

This is probably two thirds of Chelsea's newborn stuff - blue blue blue as far as the eye can see!! So yeah... don't think I need to buy any more newborn boy clothing! A lot of it is for winter though... so I may just need a few more cooler items for during the heat of our stinking hot summer days. But how awesome to basically have all the clothing sorted already! This whole second baby thing is great!

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