Thursday, September 30, 2010

exciting new patterns available soon

This week Miss Chelsea has been especially good with her sleeping. Which has been a god-send as I've been especially tired! So, my exhaustion, combined with my plan to get my amazing designer friend to 'professionalise' all my current patterns for sale, along with a heap of new ones, has meant that NO bear making has been done this week at all!

And I have some fun ideas for some little creepy Halloween bears that I want to bring to life too... maybe on the weekend...

So, if you have any interest in some Emma's Bears Patterns at all, stay tuned! I am thinking I should have some of them up for sale in my etsy shop over the next few days/week or so. These are some of the patterns you can expect to see...


  1. all of these bears and animals are so adorable!

  2. OH!!!!!!!!!!!!What a wonderful work!!!!!!!I follow now!