Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another girly bear

This lovely lady in pink is Shelby. (named by my little sister shown in the post below). Click on each of the little photos above to get a better look at her if you so desire. She was made to fit those gorgeous handmade pink overalls. I bought them at the same time as I purchased Gracie's little dress.

I am really happy with Shelby. I am experimenting a bit at the moment with keeping my bear's faces furry - but still feminine. I think if I hadn't designed Shelby specifically to fit the hot-pink overalls, she probably would have been a he... but the addition of the head bow really softened her look a lot. And I think she makes a handsome girl.

Chelsea and Oliver thought so too...


  1. I think this teddy looks a little like Chelsea. The photo where you show her standing from head to toe with the heart on her overalls showing - that photo looks a lot like the way Chelsea stands in some of your photos - like a sweet little girl.


  2. Wonderful bear! So sweet and nice!

    Best wishes,