Sunday, September 12, 2010

We have our winners!!!

After seriously surprising myself to find over 100 comments under my blog post this morning, I busily set about sorting out three lists - those who guessed the right gender for bubba no. 2 (entered into the first draw), those who posted a link to their blog or facebook page (also entered into the first draw) and lastly those who guessed the other gender (entered into the runner-up draw along with everyone else).

This was A LOT of names!

After a short break this morning to participate in a Unity Walk for Parkinsons research, and a BBQ lunch with the family, I finished the list just now. There were exactly 100 unique guesses. Most of you chose correctly... and it looks like bubby no. 2 is going to be a little boy!!!

I'm going to put a short disclaimer on this though, and explain that I am still not 100% convinced they've gotten this right. We were told 70% likely to be a boy at the 13 week scan. Then at the 20week scan they said it looked more like a little girl (insert confused look here!). But at the 3D scan on friday, I am pretty sure I got a good look at what appeared to be a very boy-looking bottom! They were pretty convinced too and congratulated me on a perfect pigeon pair. I suppose we'll only know for sure once he/she is out and about!

So anyways, enough stalling from me! The winner of the first prize (your pick of one of the two Onion Skin Twins) was The Paper Princess. The Runner Up was Neri

I haven't been able to email either of you guys, so if you could send me an email at I can sort out getting your prizes to you asap!

Thanks again everyone for joining in on a bit of fun!


  1. Hi Emma! First of all thank you very much for this chance to participate in your give away ;-). I think it will be exciting til the end for you, al little he or she surprise ;-).

    Congratulations to the winners, enjoy your new companions ;-)

    Have a nice weekend,
    Lot of Hugs

  2. Congrats to the winners, you´ll have a unique bear soon :)
    Emma, eventhough you most certainly know it is going to be a little boy, it still is a surprise when it's born isn't it :)


  3. Congrats Emma - and I'm so thrilled to see that I am the winner of one of your beautiful bears!

    I will e-mail you shortly as soon as I make a selection!

    Congrats to Neri too!


  4. Muchas felicidades a los ganadores!! Que afortunados han sido de poder ganar uno de tus fantasticos peluches!!
    Besos y gracias por organizar este bonito sorteo :)

  5. thanks guys. And It is a funny position to be in, knowing that bubba is likely to be a boy... but not wanting to get too set on the idea in case a little baby girl is born! lol. I think we'll definitely have boy and girl names picked out for the birth too. Just in case!

  6. You know, early Monday morning after a weekend...
    I'd like to sleep...
    And oh my god - I'm a runner up!!!! Thank you Emma. I'm very happy. You made this Monday more shiny :)
    Best wishes to The Paper Princess :)