Monday, September 13, 2010

Molly and Cuthbert have left the building!

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the blog giveaway. I really enjoyed this one. Both bears are now on their way to their new homes - Cuthbert to the USA and Molly to Lithuania. I often hear a lot of bear makers say this - but you really do get a bit jealous of all the amazing places the bears get to visit while you have to stay home!

On another note, I was just reading through one of the pregnancy magazines they give you when you visit the hospital (they give you a 'bounty bag' full of nappy samples, and stretch mark cream samples and brochures and magazines...), when I found an ad for an pre-natal gender test with 90% accuracy! And all you need is a little bit of pee!!!

I can do that! I was pretty excited (correction: I AM pretty excited!). I just ordered one then, and hopefully through the wonders of Australia Post, I should receive it either Wednesday or Thursday. I have no idea if this is going to be a gimmick or not. But it seems pretty legitimate. Wish I'd read that magazine sooner! Perhaps it will prevent another line full of confused clothing like I have pictured above. This was my attempt at having lots 'neutral' baby items ready, with a hint of pink and blue (just in case)...

...which was very quickly replaced by all things PINK once Chelsea was out - a small glimpse can be seen in this photo of me and Chelsea on the first day home from hospital, she's about 4days old here.


  1. Great photos (giggle). I can't wait to read what the test says ;-). OMG it's exciting !

  2. I think the test is really going to say. Yep, it's going to be a baby.
    Take care of you and lots of love x x x x

  3. Cuthbert has safely arrived in his new home!

    He is gorgeous and has settled in nicely - he has made several friends already in his new home (even Legend, who is often jealous of new arrivals, loved him!)

    I think he's got rhythm - he looks like he's dancing on my bookshelf!

    I look forward to featuring him on my blog in the near future - I'll let you know when (currently I'm under the weather so my posting schedule is a little behind!)

    I can't wait to visit Neri's blog and see how Molly made out as well!