Friday, September 24, 2010

A most generous package

A week or so ago I purchased the sweetest little elephant from JRB creations. Mimi arrived this morning. Along with a massive assortment of other goodies!

Chelsea 'had' to inspect Mimi. She was actually really gentle with her which was a surprise.

Then I gave her the twin care bears Jeannette had included especially for her. She has just started a really cute trick in the last few weeks of actually cuddling her toys/baby dolls. So the bears got tucked under her chin and patted on the back. I'm still trying to work out where she picked this up from...

AND, I also found some adorable baby boy clothes for Number 2. (as the poor little thing seems to be getting called! - Mark and I really need to hurry up and name him, or at least give him a more suitable nickname!). These are so perfect, the right size, the right season! And for boys clothes, they are actually really cute! (which can be hard to find sometimes!). The little overalls are exactly like a pair I was deciding to buy yesterday. In the end I left them in the shop cause they were too expensive. So thank you so so much Jeannette!

Mimi is now sitting in pride of place on my bear display, with a little crocheted friend I bought from the USA a few years ago. They look so sweet together!

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  1. Que gran detalle!!!!
    Chelsea, se ve muy feliz.
    Feliz fin de semana.
    besitos ascension