Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bear buying binge

Every now and then, maybe once or twice a year, I get an overwhelming urge to buy a new bear for my collection. Today it hit me hard!

And I now have four new bears on their way... woops!

I blame etsy, and the ridiculously good deals to be found there. My first little guy was from LisaBears, and even with postage to Australia he didn't break the bank. He's simple, clean and has a really innocent little face.

The next store I stumbled across was SweetCandyDreams. She hadn't had any sales yet, and I couldn't understand why. This little guy is a stunner!!!

The last store I visited was Pud Bears and Friends, complete with sock monkeys, artist bears and critters. I got two little additions to my bear family from here - Butters and Jacob.


  1. ой какая прелесть!!

  2. You so lucky Emma, hugs growing with wonderful bears!

  3. Always good to have an addition to your hug. :-)
    I am a very critical bear artist.
    You made a good choice .
    The face lines look perfect. :-) x x x

  4. How about showing the rest ! :-) x x x