Monday, March 7, 2011

Byron at one month old

I'm a little late with my one-month-old post for Byron, and thought that I might include an update of Chels and the dog as well (for those of you who have been asking after them as well!).

Chelsea is doing well. She is definitely not as violent with Byron as she was in the first few weeks. She likes to rub his head and say 'ohhhh', and pat him tummy when he's crying. Which is a darn sight better than dropping brooms on his head, scratching him with one of my stray cotter-pins and trying to pull out his hair...

She has been especially sulky lately though, which is a challenge for Mark and I. We're hoping she will grow out of it soon. VERY soon! Last week I tripped over her cabbage patch doll, and was caught off guard by some very pretty 'makeup'. I don't know when she decided to do this to her baby doll! Probably while I was busy with Byron on one of the many occasions! :P

Byron is doing well. He gained another 500g last week, bringing him up to 5.7kg or 12lb, 9oz! Chelsea weighed this much when she was three months old! He's getting into a pattern with his sleeping now too, which is good for me as I can start to predict when he'll wake for feeds. He's not so obliging with his smiles though. Chelsea was giving out smiles quite readily at this age, but you have to work really hard to get one from Byron! And even then, they're only fleeting. I hope to catch one on camera soon.

And lastly - Mr Oliver... what can I say about him...

He has been quite naughty lately as well. He's just starting barking a lot. At everything and anything. At the worst possible times (ie. 2am in the morning after I've just gotten Byron back to sleep or 8pm in the evening after we've just gotten Chelsea to sleep!). So poor Mr Oliver has had his bed/house relocated to a special spot in the back corner of the yard. Mark has done an awesome job propping his house up off the ground and away from damp, and making him his own covered area to keep the sun and rain off. We're hoping that having him sleep away from our neighbours fence will prevent a lot of his need to bark. Fingers crossed!

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