Monday, March 21, 2011

The 'Bear Army' (my first attempt at making NINE bears at once!)

Here are my nine little creations - all very unique! It is amazing to think that it's possible to get such variety from one pattern, just by using different fur, different ear placement, different fur direction, different eye colour and size, different eye placement, different nose/mouth embroidery, and different shading. I must say, even though it seemed like I was never going to get these guys done, I had a lot of fun making them all at once. That's seriously something I've never done before (the most I've ever done was a limited edition of three, but I got bored with making the same bear three times, so never did it again).

All the bears have been placed on etsy at $79 each. I have no idea how they are going to be received as they are a little strange, but all I can suggest is that if you have a favourite, get in quick as these guys are one of a kind!

'Romy' - the smallest of the group.

'Tula' - the sweetest of the gang.

'Spook'- the scruffiest fur!

'Woogie'- the biggest eyes (and that's saying something!)

'Venus' - the most vibrant fur.

'Poe' - the good-looker of the bunch.

'Kojo' - the most fun!

'Cruiz' - the most sensible bear.

and 'Delia' - the lovely lady bear.


  1. they came out really cute! and baby byron is a cutie pie! getting big already! huggs!

  2. They are all sooooo cute! I love Tula, Poe and Delia most of all :)


  3. O`MY...arn`t they all so cute!
    I Love Tula most!